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Ahsoka’s Development Continued: From the End of the Clone Wars to Rebels by Patty Hammond

Note:  This article includes spoilers from the recently published novel, Ahsoka.

The last time I guest posted for, I wrote about Ahsoka’s character as she introduced in the Star Wars in the 2008 Star Wars The Clones Wars Movie.  In my TheCantinaCast blog article, I discussed what Ahsoka learned from Anakin that contributed to her continuing character growth throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.  Today, I want to discuss how Ahsoka continued to develop and grow from we last saw her in Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, The Wrong Jedi, to when we last see her in Star Wars Rebels episode, Twilight of the Apprentice.

Ahsoka Walks away from Jedi Temple Credit Lucasfilm

When Ahsoka walks away...
We witness Ahsoka growth throughout The Clone Wars series from the plucky Padawan of Anakin Skywalker to a seasoned Jedi Clone Wars Veteran with lots of military experience under her belt. However, despite or because of this growth, Ahsoka decides to walk away from everything and everyone she knows, especially Anakin, Rex and Obi-Wan. I can understand Ahsoka’s need to get a better understanding of herself and her place in the Galaxy as she told Anakin when she left him to walk down the steps of the Jedi Temple one last time.  Her decision to leave the Jedi Temple after these events is not a surprise to me based on  all that happened during the events depicted in the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5, what she learns from Anakin and of course her overall character development.  By this one act, Ahsoka acknowledges that even though she has grown, matured and seen so much, she still has much to learn and decides that this learned needs to be done elsewhere.

Sketch of Ahsoka with her speeder by Dave Filoni

Living on her own in the lower levels of Coruscant…
We do not know much about this period except for what we learned during the Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe.  Dave Filoni outlined that Ahsoka has an adventure that included a serious romance with a scoundrel named, Nix in the lower levels of Coruscant. An animatic from those episodes shown at this panel gave an interesting introduction to the intended love interest and what life was like for Ahsoka after leaving The Jedi Temple.  This Fangirl is disappointed that we did not see this arc and how Ahsoka grows during her time in this section of Coruscant.

Sketches from The Siege of Mandalore by Dave Filoni

During The Siege of Mandalore...
We only get a glimpse of Ahsoka during this period, but what we learn from the Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel and from  a short interlude within the recently released novel, Star Wars: Ahsoka.  We learn that Anakin asked Ahsoka to help him free Mandalore from Darth Maul during what becomes the final stages of The Clone Wars.  Because of the kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine, Anakin needed to leave in order to mount a rescue (the opening events of The Revenge of The Sith).  However, Anakin in acknowledgment of Ahsoka’s abilities, and growth, gave promoted her to Genral and gave her own contingent of Clone Troopers to complete the job on Mandalore.  During this Siege of Mandalore, Rex along with his fellow Clones sported markings and colors in honor of Ahsoka.  When she confronts Maul, we see her character growth from when she is first introduced to this moment. Ahsoka is able to  fight, outwit and trap Maul, effectively ending The Siege of Mandalore. Not bad for someone who entered The Clone Wars as a mere Padawan, huh?

Escaping Order 66...
The novel, Ahsoka, gives us only a glimpse on what Ahsoka thought and felt right after Order 66 was given to The Clones by Palpatine.  I am not sure if it is Ahsoka or Rex that decided to make it look like they fought and killed each other.  However, this strategy helped both her and Rex to escape and hide after the events of Order 66. At this point, Ahsoka believes she has fully walked away from her life as a soldier and a Jedi by leaving her light sabers at the grave of her closest friend, other than Anakin.

Star Wars: Ashoka novel ebook cover from Patty’s Nook

Ahsoka becomes Fulcrum…
During the events outlined in the recently published, Star Wars: Ahsoka, we see that even more character growth.  At the beginning of that story, Ahsoka believes that she has fully walked away from her life as a soldier and a Jedi. However, It is through her actions and experiences during the events depicted in the Novel that teach Ahsoka that even though she may have walked away from her previous life, what she learned is still carried with her. Ahsoka’s decision to become Fulcrum is a direct result of her growth through the events of the Clone Wars through her discovery of what role she should play in the fledging Rebellion against The Empire.

Rescuing The Ghost crew at Mustafar… 
When Kanan was first captured by The Empire, Fulcrum advised Hera not to risk the entire team, especially Ezra, in a rescue attempt.  However, the crew of The Ghost ignored this advise and attempted to rescue their Jedi friend anyways.  When things looked bad for The Ghost crew’s escape, Chopper called on Fulcrum to help them out.  This resulted in Fulcrum joining in the rescue.  Once everyone was safe, Fulcrum revealed her true identity, Ahsoka Tano, former Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker.  This introduction showed Ahsoka’s outward appearance changes, but only gave a hint as to what other changes she has from the last time we saw her in Star Wars The Clone Wars until now.

Ahsoka, Hera and Kanan in Star Wars Rebels credit Lucasfilm 

Learning more about Ahsoka…
During the events Star Wars Rebels season 2, we see some of Ahsoka’s character  growth from Clone Wars to Rebels that was not apparent when she was first re-introduced into the Star Wars Saga. We see her mentoring Kanan and Ezra in the ways of the Jedi, even though she does not see herself as a Jedi.  We see her doing investigations and figuring out what is happening, especially with the force sensitive children.  We also see her trying to find out just who that Sith Lord is and what really happened to her former Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker.  Based on what we see from the season 2 episodes, we realize that Ahsoka, not only grew up physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Ahsoka learns more about Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels credit Lucasfilm 

Twilight of the Apprentice…
When we realized that both Ahsoka and Darth Vader were in the same proximity, we knew that Ahsoka was going to be learning some painful truths.  From the first touch of their minds in the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 episode to the vision Ahsoka received in the Jedi Temple on Lothal, we see her struggling with what each of these revealed to her.  However, when she confirms the truth that The Sith Lord is indeed her old Master Anakin Skywalker, we the audience feel her heartbreak.  During their battle, Ahsoka declares that she is not going to leave Anakin again, despite what he has become. Declaring that Ahsoka will take revenge for Anakin’s sake because she is no Jedi.  Proving that the attachment that formed between them during The Clone Wars is still very important to her despite what happened.

The ambiguity of her ultimate fate…
Dave Filoni said during the Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel that he purposely left her fate up to the audience.  If they believed Ahsoka is alive, he will not dissuade them from that belief, same for those that believe she died.

Dave Filoni said during the Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel that he purposely left her fate up to the audience.  If they believed Ahsoka is alive, he will not dissuade them from that belief, same for those that believe she died. To me this is the same as when Ahsoka walked away from the Jedi Temple in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  We the audience did not have any idea of her fate until she appeared in Star Wars Rebels.  Therefore, I am not surprised that we the audience still do not know Ahsoka’s ultimate fate after the fateful events on Malachor.

What do you think of Ahsoka’s development from The Clone Wars to Rebels?

Do you agree with me or do you have another opinion?

Patty Hammond (@pattyBones2) is the Everyday Fangirl from Michigan who has a disguise as a mild mannered data analyst.  Patty is very active in the Star Wars community. You can find her posting about Star Wars and much more on her blog and of course on Twitter @Pattybones2

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