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Star Wars Rebels 'Relics Of The Old Republic' Review

Star Wars Rebels 'Relics Of The Old Republic' Review

Were still on the same planet and our band of rebels and the old clones are lumbering across the desert on their old Republic style lumbering walker. But problems are on the horizon, one literally in the form of a sandstorm and their ship is still busted, oh......The Empire is on its way to kick butt too!  Rex and his Clone buddies hand over the location of all old Rebel bases and hideouts that the new Rebellion can use to our visiting Rebels as they promised they would do.

The Empire turns up and begin searching the planet for the Rebels, and on board the walker Wolffe, one of the Clones, receives a transmission from Agent Callus who wants their location, but Wolffe has had a change of heart and he and Captain Rex tells the enemy that the Jedi aren't there now, but Callus knows he is lying.

TIE fighters turn up and a fight ensues but they manage to destroy all the fighters, but shortly after a group of AT-AT turn up!  Sabine fixes the ship but its too late for them to escape and they are stuck on the their walker pursued by the Imperial Walkers.  They make a run for it and hide in the upcoming sandstorm where they cant be detected by the enemy.  They hatch a plan to use a single shot to knock out one AT-AT and escape through a gap.  Ezra mans the gun and Kanan uses the Force to guide Ezras single decisive shot and they escape.

Meanwhile in orbit above the planet the Star Destroyer that despatched the Imperial Ships gets a call from Vader who requests the destroyer, so they leave leaving the Walker force stranded!
On the planet the Rebels take off leaving the Clones to fight what could be their last fight! 
Luckily kanan has a change of heart and the Rebels return to commandeer an enemy AT-AT and destroy the other enemy walker. The episode ends with Ahsoka & Rex having an emotional reunion. 

This is more of a morale tale, teaching forgiveness & the meaning of friendship.  All the team apart from Kanan trust the Clones after the harrowing events of Order 66 and a more understanding Ezra see's the importance of acting as a team. Kanan towards the end of the episode see's that the Clones are trustworthy, following their actions against The Imperials and they start forming bonds and friendship.  Ezra continues to grow and mature as the series continues, often making better desicions than Kanan, who as his Jedi Master should probably be showing a better example!  

By Steve Potter 
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