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Star Wars Comic Review: Shattered Empire #4

Star Wars Comic Review: Shattered Empire #4

The last instalment of the post Return Of The Jedi arc has come about too soon, out of all the comics are latest media releases, this is to me, by far the most intriguing.

We join the Rebel Fleet in space where the Commanding Officers have gained intelligence indicating more Imperial attacks are on the horizon. Our heroine Shara is discussing the future with her Captain when he tells her that he has submitted her discharge papers so her and her husband can leave the Rebellion.  But before anything else can happen everyone's favourite Astromech droid R2-D2 attracts her attention and leads her to a certain black clad Jedi, Luke Skywalker!
Luke tells her he requires her to be a pilot and help him on a mission, of course she accepts and they board an Imperial Shuttle, where she puts on an Imperial officers uniform and Luke tells her they are going to infiltrate an Imperial base and steal something back.

They land safely and seem to have tricked the Imperials with Luke acting as a bodyguard and hiding his lightsaber inside R2-D2. Unfortunately for our heroes, its a double bluff and the Imperials have lured them into a trap.  Their captors demand to know what they have come for, and Luke revels that the Imperials are guarding two off shoots from the last tree standing from the Jedi temple on coruscant.

Luke force pushes the base Commandant and tells R2 to eject his lightsaber in a Return Of The Jedi type move, he then embarks on opening a can of whoop ass on Stormtroopers and officers whist Shara and R2 D2 secure the trees. As they are leaving a Stormtrooper throws a cluster of Thermal Detonators at Luke, who promptly returns them using the Force and blows them to bits! 

Aboard the shuttle home Luke tells Shara that R2 overheard that she was leaving and tells her to do what she feels is right and gives her one of the trees from the Temple, and she and her husband plant the tree in a place that looks like its based on Yavin 4?  And its ends!

I hope there is more to come from this similar timezone/story arc!
This last instalment just seems a bit rushed and ends too abruptly for my liking with no closure . In all honesty this was my only complaint, that there wasn't more to come!!!  It kind of feels like the end of a great box-set when its over and there is so much more to be told and more of the story to be gleamed from this era during The Journey To The Force Awakens!
The art is awesome from the cover all the way through, the colours are deep, vibrant and beautifully detailed.
The story is compelling and leaves you hungry for more all the way through.  Its great to see Luke Skywalker make an appearance in his Jedi garb, even if at some points he seemed to be 'forcing' the force too much by being given predictable lines. We also saw a link into how a certain 'Dameron' character is known to a certain Princess in a certain upcoming film, it all ties in nicely.  
In summary this needed more issues to enable for the story to be more expansive, but that's a more positive critique, so there is no faults in my opinion.
This is my favourite of the new canon comics so far.


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