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Marvel Princess Leia #4 Review

By Steve Potter

So we begin with two ships docking in space and a meeting between Evaan, Leia's companion and Nien Nunb, who was co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon with Lando during The Battle Of Endor in Return Of The Jedi.  Nunb shows her and Leia some giant blasters and Leia awards him the necklace she wore at the award ceremony at the end of 'A New Hope' for helping save the Alderannian's from his home planet of Sullust. 
The traitor/imperial spy is found aboard the ship and brought to Leia, where it appears she has been duped into telling her sister and the Imperials all about Leia's plans and whereabouts. Leia comments how nice it would be to have a sibling (she doesn't know that Luke is yet). 

Leia sends two emissary's to act on her behalf to a different planet for pre-arranged talks about re-locating the refugees to Espirion, whilst she deals with the new matter at hand and goes to talk to 'Tace' and asks her to tell her sister when she calls that everything is ok, and act like nothing happened.  Tace is disturbed about lying to her sister. 

Cut to Espirion and Leia's emissary's have arrived to try and find shelter for the refugee Alderannians. Things do not go well however when one of the emissary's shows prejudice toward one of the hosts, which doesn't go done well! 

Cut back to leia's ship and Tace's sister Tula calls in and Tace, racked with guilt cant lie and tells her that the Rebels know about her.  Cut to Tulas end and she is clearly at an Imperial establishment accompanied by an officer and Stormtroopers. The Officer hears that the game is up and puts Tula under arrest. 
Leia and the Officer take over the conversation and Leia offers a trade, her for Tula!  She travels to a new desert planet called Skaradosh where she rendevous with the Imperials and is taken into Imperial custody.......again!  

Marvel have really missed the trick with this one i'm afraid! I Really liked the first one, but it has steadily declined in all aspects in my opinion. At least in this one Leia isn't too much warrior like, but more the diplomat that we are used to and there's a nice nod to a 'A New Hope' when Leia bends down to R2D2 in her white gown and earlier when she says she wishes she had a sibling.  The art is not good! Leia doesn't look like Leia as she does in the other comics, Evaan looks like Luke Skywalker not just in clothing but face too in some frames and the story is just not up to much and not exciting. The character interactions aren't much better. With a big call for more female characters, there was a chance to develop a great existing female character and they sadly blew the chance. 

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