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Marvel Darth Vader #5 Review

Marvel Darth Vader #5 Review 
Steve Potter 


A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away....... 
Between 'A New Hope' & 'The Empire Strikes Back' 

The story so far is that the Emperor blames Vader for the destruction of the Death Star and so seeks to replace him. In #4 Vader acquired an army of droids from an abandoned factory on Geonosis and continues his journey in the company of Aphra and the droids Triple Zero and BT. 

In the Outer Rim, Vader and his army board a ship in a scene very reminiscent of the start of 'A New Hope' when Vader boards the 'Tantive IV' blockade runner using his two droids as a decoy and proceeds to fight light resistance until he reaches two lightsaber wielding humans.  They are protecting a new version of Cylo and a gang of Vader's possible replacements, after a brief verbal joust Vader has enough, but just as he activates his lightsaber the Emperor turns up and interrupts, and it appears to end with the Emperor encouraging Vader's adversaries to demonstrate their potential by attacking Vader to prove their worth .......... 

Overall I rate this issue as ok. The story arc ticks along, but slows up too much in places for me, but the art is good, especially the close ups. 
I'm still not sure about Vader using the Battle Droids, something doesn't sit right for me and I am not keen on Triple Zero and BT who just seem to be evil incarnations of C3PO and R2D2, a protocol killer droid who kills his masters and drains their blood? Just wrong in my book.  But Vader and droids gives the reader a visual insight into who he once was and his possible emotional affinity and ability to build and relate with droids, especially a certain Protocol and Astromech droid in his past! 

Vader's journey is well told visually, keeping his dialogue to a minimum.  Vader doesn’t do small talk and to do so would completely lose his intimidating fearful persona if there was too much dialogue. 
Aphra, a female human archaeologist is an interesting character who could have a compelling background to be told in the future and I am sure we will learn more about her as the new canon galaxy evolves.  As mentioned earlier, a great nod to 'A New Hope' with the ship boarding and the Emperor has a funny sarcastic comment at Vader's expense. It's also good to see a Trandoshan and Mon Calamari in the rag-tag crew of Vader's engineered possible replacements. 

I'm enjoying all the new Marvel series at the moment and at the end of each one they leave me wanting to know what happens next, and more importantly they're all part of the new canon galaxy 

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