10 Bad Movies With Awesome Soundtracks. Did We Miss Any Out?

10 Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks

There are always going to be bad movies but just because the movie is bad doesn't mean the soundtrack is going to be.  Unfortunately in a lot of cases if the movie sucks or bombed at the cinema then the soundtrack gets overlooked too which is a real shame because if you are a soundtrack fan you may be missing out on some fantastic scores.  So here are ten movies with great soundtracks

Howard The Duck - John Barry

The now famous George Lucas movie that unfortunately didn't live up to the expectations that everyone was expecting after that other movie by Mr Lucas but the soundtrack is sadly overlooked as a result.  I'm not talking about the fictional band Cherry Bomb or Thomas Dolby but the score that John Barry produced for the movie.  A moving score with great cues make it easily the best thing to come from the movie.

Godzilla (1998) David Arnold

The movie was hyped up beyond believe and turned out to be a monster of a let down.  The ever reliable David Arnold produced what some say is actually his best work.  If you loved the Independence Day soundtrack then you will love this.  The limited release complete score is now becoming rare and already goes for over $50 on Amazon

Armageddon - Trevor Rabin (Yes that's correct!)

If you listen to the soundtrack to Armageddon you will think you are listening to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.  But it is Trevor Rabin who produced this masterpiece.  Atmospheric, upbeat and dramatic with its synthesised sounds and full orchestra make this a must.  One of Trevor Rabin's finest.

Pearl Harbor - Hans Zimmer

Another Michael Bay travesty with the only redeeming feature being the soundtrack.  A soundtrack that gets criticised for being too short at around forty five minutes but its quality not quantity.  It also shows that Zimmer can do more that the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" style soundtrack we are used to from the composer (which is no bad thing.)  This is soft romantic and very moving.  Unlike the movie.

1941 - John Williams

Some say 1941 was release before its time.  A movie that most people just didn't get.  Anyway what ever the reason the movie lingers at the bottom of most "worst movie" lists.  But the soundtrack by John Williams has probably become more famous than the movie itself.  Upbeat and uplifting.  A great soundtrack which should not be overlooked especially by John Williams fans

Speed 2 Cruise Control - Mark Mancina

The soundtrack is so upbeat, so fast moving unlike the movie which is about a luxury liner that has a top speed of thirty knots!  Great soundtrack though, just wish it was attached to a different movie.

Superman III - Ken Thorne

After the first two Superman movies I was looking forward to the third so much.  Imagine my disappointment when the movie wasn't up to scratch.  I wasn't expecting much from the soundtrack either since John Williams wasn't at the helm but actually the soundtrack isn't bad at all and Ken Thorne does an excellent job.  The soundtrack really does punch above the awful movie its attached too.  Quirky and with some imaginative cues.

Jaws 3 - Alan Parker

 The same applies with Jaws 3 for me.  No John Williams but the soundtrack is rather good with a slight turn in direction to what we were expecting.  I must say Alan Parker must have felt the pressure taking on this project.  Okay its not going to match the likes of the first two movies which rank as two of the best soundtracks ever but if you ignore this then you will enjoy a complete and enjoyable soundtrack.  I particularly like the opening which has a great eighties feel to it.  At about 1m52s in you will really get to feel how good this soundtrack is.  Its a real shame the movie was the worse of the four (only just mind as Jaws the revenge is really bad.)

The Village - James Newton Howard

The film sent me to sleep.  I was so disappointed with this film as I am quite the M Night Shyamalan fan loving Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs and dare I say it Lady In The Water (yes I was the one.)  But this film is slow and unfortunately quite predictable.  But as with all of Shyamalan films he chooses James Newton Howard to produce the soundtrack and he doesn't let us down.  A Celtic feel is brought to this score but as always with Newton's work a sense of mysterious and spookiness is mixed in to make this a must listen and a great addition to anyones soundtrack collection.  Speaking of Lady In The Water...

Lady In The Water - James Newton Howard

As previously mentioned I actually enjoyed this movie.  But the movie got panned worldwide and picked up a few Razzies for its troubles.  But the soundtrack is a masterpiece.  Again James Newton Howard delivers what for me is one of my favourites.  Just listen to this clip as the music actually builds to an uplifting gorgeous piece of music.  The beginning of this clip actually reminds me a bit of John Williams Artificial Intelligence.  If you are going to pick one soundtrack from this list then my recommendation would be to pick this one.  You will not be disappointed

Battlefield Earth?
Errrr! No!


I just had to include The Time Machine by Klaus Badelt.  The movie may not have been everyone's cup of tea (I liked it) but the soundtrack just like a good cuppa will leave you warm inside.  It has to go on my list.

So there you have it.  My list of some of the best soundtracks attached to generally regarded as bad movies.  Can you think of any we've missed out?  Let us know below or on our Facebook page.


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