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Jurassic World: A Look At The Cast

jurassic world

As we learned a few weeks back when a photo of a velociraptor from the set of Jurassic World spread around the web, the new film will feature far more animatronic dinosaurs than past films that mainly utilised CGI. It's a welcomed change that reflects the style of the original film.

Speaking of the first film, its cast (from Sam Neill to Wayne Knight) was outstanding. It was
jurassic worlddiverse: they gave us someone to hate, a lot of people to root for, and the different levels of intelligence and varied backgrounds made them relatable.

Although we'll have to wait until the new movie comes out to see the personality and history of each character, that doesn't mean we can't speculate! I've decided to take a look at the cast members who have been announced so far while reviewing their acting history to gauge how they'll fare in Jurassic World.

Chris Pratt is a top-notch actor who's likely looking to try something outside of his comfort zone. He's been known to play the goofy but lovable character that makes everyone laugh. And while he's great for breaking the tension, he's yet to really take on a role that does anything but that. Jurassic World could be the start of a more serious turn for Pratt, who definitely deserve a role of this calibre.

jurassic world

They've also signed on Jake Johnson and Eric Edelstein, both of whom are also as well-known as Pratt for playing the goofy guy who doesn't really have a way with words. But, again, they seem poised to make the jump to something not so goofy and to be fair, Johnson was great as the sarcastic Jeff in 2012's Safety Not Guaranteed.

They've brought on Judy Greer, too, and she definitely has the chops to pull off an intelligent scientist. While she too has taken on a lot of comedic roles, you should remember that she was great in The Village. Similarly, there's Lauren Lapkus, who is known for her parts in Are You There, Chelsea, and Orange is the New Black. Her characters are mainly timid and quiet, which leads me to believe her Jurassic character should be the meek underling of Greer's likely confident scientist.

Elsewhere, there's the return of BD Wong as Henry Wu along with series newcomers Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D'Onofrio, the latter of whom could pretty much take on any role out there and knock it out of the park. Remember when he was Edgar (and the bug occupying his skin) in Men In Black?

While it's expected that the more comedically inclined actors have the potential to provide a humorous angle to Jurassic World, it's also likely that the goofball antics will be pushed aside to stay true to the series' suspenseful, thrilling ways. These are films that keep you on the edge of your seat. The only comforting thing is that when they lights come on in the theatre, you're snapped back into a reality that doesn't have a T. Rex trying to eat you. Besides, any fan of the franchise really doesn't want to end up with something that rivals the cheesiness of Syfy's ridiculous Sharknado franchise.

If they're taking into account the things that made the first film so amazing, like animatronics, it should stand to reason that fans want the tone of the first film too. This was captured recently on Picturebox's movie blog, where a writer shared an article on The Lost World and made it clear that what we all like about the Jurassic Park films is that they're "thrilling us yet scaring us at the same time" a fantastic combination.

To say I'm excited for the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park series would be an understatement. Now that we've gotten a good look at the raptors both through the aforementioned animatronics and the newly revealed movie poster hopefully we get to see a trailer in the coming months.

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