Industrial Light and Magic opens studio in Vancouver

ilm vancouver
ILM president Lynwen Brennan, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, ILM Chief Creative Office John Knoll, MLA Naomi Yamamoto, MP Ed Fast
Industrial Light And Magic have opened it's latest studio.  This time in Gastown, Vancouver.  The site is an ex-Pixar 30,000-square foot studio.  Pixar vacated the building in October 2013.

ILM president, Lynwen Brennan had this to say about the new building and to put fears to rest about the studio going the same way as previous residents, Pixar:

"We're in very different businesses so the reason for Pixar leaving are very different than what would affect the visual effects industry," Brennan said at the ILM Vancouver office. "It's been well documented their reasons for leaving here was they wanted to consolidate production all in one place. So for us, we're actually needing more capacity. So what we're looking for at ILM is we need to grow, we need more artists, and we need talented artists."

ILM chief creative officer and senior visual effects supervisor John Knoll also pointed out that there is a solid stream of work coming down the pipe for them.

"An advantage that we have being a child company of Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm has a pretty aggressive content plan. So we've got an 8 to 10 year slate of work that's already been laid out in front of us. We know that's all coming and we're preparing for it."

The Vancouver studio will work on numerous blockbusters such as the Star Wars trilogy, Warcraft, Jurassic World, andTomorrowland.