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What Do You Get When You Combine Cloverfield With Roger Rabbit? TOONOCALYPSE.

What do you get when you combine Cloverfield with Roger Rabbit and a little bit of 90s video game, Toonstruck?  Toonocalypse.

Aliens known as "Toons" arrive on earth and struggle to integrate into society.  The movie centres around two students as they document the arrival of these Toons and, more worryingly their change after a year into something a bit more frightening and less cute.

Take a look at the video above and you will see the quality involved here.  It looks fantastic and the clever guys behind the scenes need your help to make the movie a reality.  There is a Kickstarter campaign kicking off to make this a reality and they need your help.  But its not all take.  In return for your money they are willing to give some great gifts away.  From posters, digital downloads and music, to being mentioned in the credits.  In fact you get something from as little as £5.  Ever fancied being an Executive Producer?  Well for £300 that can come true!

check out the details below along with the link to the campaign.

Toonocalypse follows John and Michael, two students living in Edinburgh, as they document the arrival on Earth of a species of small, cute, cartoon aliens, known as "Toons". Over time the Toons become integrated into society and into John and Michael's lives, but after a year on Earth, without warning, some of the Toons start to change into something far larger and scarier. As John and Michael try to survive in the streets of Edinburgh they start to learn the grim reality of the Toons' true intentions.

Toonocalypse is a hugely ambitious project visually. We will see large numbers of animated aliens, spaceships and a huge amount of destruction!
The film will be shot on a HD handy cam and the animation will be composited into shot during post production. To do this we will be using techniques like 3D and planar motion tracking alongside 2D character animation and simulated building damage to sell the illusion that the characters are in the scene and interacting with their surroundings.

Sound design is an incredibly important element of an animated film as the characters sounds have to be made from scratch. In addition we have to create the sounds for all of the destruction caused in the later sequences. We will be focusing on creating a natural and rich soundscape using pre-recorded elements, synthesized sounds and voice actors.
There are also sections in the film that require music, both as an original score and also songs for the background of certain scenes. Along with an original score by Callum Barton, we also have original music from Orange Unsigned Acts winner Tommy Reilly and Scottish Folk outfit, The Blind Dog.

  • Owen Rixon - Writer and Director. Owen has been working in animation and VFX for the past 5 years. His degree film, "Welcome To Twister", was nominated for a variety of awards including the Mclaren Animation award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and a Scottish New Talent BAFTA. He now runs The 2D Workshop, a 2D animation, VFX and music production company based in Edinburgh.
  • Callum Barton - Writer and Composer. Callum has been working as a composer and Jazz pianist for the past 3 years. In 2012 he became the Head of Music and Sound at The 2D Workshop.
  • Siggy Stone - Producer. Siggy has worked in the film and television industry for nearly 3 years now. Having worked in various roles on a number of Jamie Oliver series, he has moved on to Drama and Film, working on many notable Productions including: Paddington Bear The Movie, Alpha Papa, Dark Shadows, The Worricker Trilogy, Pusher, Broken, Great Expectations, Street Dance 2, Him & Her, Family Tree, Friday Night Dinner, Black Mirror, Red Dwarf and currently Night At the Museum 3.
  • David Kaye - Actor playing "John". After being educated in Scotland, England and America, as a writer, David embarked on a filmmaking career, training at the Met Film School in Ealing Studios. He quickly realised he'd rather be in front of the camera however and made the decision to train at Drama Studio London where he graduated in July 2013. Since then he has amassed experience as a screen, stage and voice actor.
Click here to back the project.




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