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Drew: The Man Behind The Poster Documentary Review.

Drew The Man Behind The Poster
Drew The Man Behind The Poster

The much anticipated Drew Struzan documentary is now available to watch via Netflix, but is it worth watching?

Drew: The Man Behind The Poster directed by Erik Sharkey celebrates the man that has brought us iconic movie posters over the years such as the Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars and Back to the Future to name a few.

At 96 minutes long the documentary is packed with interviews from greats such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Michael J Fox, Frank Darabont and…Steve Guttenberg.  However the best interviews on the documentary are arguably with the artist himself who talks about his unloving home growing up and how he left to go to college where he met his very supporting wife.  It was from here he started his career.  

The early days were hard as told by Struzan on the documentary, “I ate for two days and worked for five” the artist would reveal.  This allowed him to save the little money he would have and spend it on paints rather than food.
His first step to recognition was not in the movie industry however, but with the music industry.  He found success doing album covers for Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath of which both would go down in album cover history.  This work ultimately led to his name being mentioned in the movie industry and it wasn't long before Hollywood came calling.

The documentary is extremely insightful and makes you realise how difficult it was in the beginning for Drew Struzan.  It also highlights how much of a quiet talking and kind person he really is.  The artist also explains how he was unfortunately taken advantage of in his career and lost out on a lot of money and original artwork.

There are some special moments from the guests interviewed such as George Lucas walking around the corridors of Lucasfilm with Drew Struzan talking about his impressive Star Wars and Indiana Jones illustrations that hang on the walls.  Steven Spielberg talks about the current state of movie posters and his dislike for photo shopped posters.  Frank Darabont uses his colourful language to express his admiration for the artist and Guillermo del Toro shows his frustration at the movie studio not using Struzan’s artwork for Hellboy.

The documentary is certainly well put together and is almost a perfect companion for the book, “The Art Of Drew Struzan.”  If you have an interest in movies then this is not to be missed.  If you have an interest in George Lucas or Steven Spielberg then this should be put on your list.  If you want to see how a quiet and kind man with an exceptional and natural talent can overcome obstacles and have a unwavering determination to show the world his talent then this is the documentary for you.

5 Stars - Essential Viewing

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Rob Wainfur



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