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Movie Review: Evil Aliens

jake west evil aliens

Aliens are using a stone circle on an island off North Wales as a service station to power their ships and decide to start experiment on the local residents. When failing TV show Weird World find out about about a woman on the island who claims to have been impregnated by an alien they see a way to save their show.

Putting together a crack team consisting of a presenter, her camera man boyfriend, his best friend as the sound guy, an amateur UFO expert who is the world's biggest nerd, an actress who is sleeping with the producer and the cheapest actor they can find, the Weird World crew head for island of Scalled which is cut off from the mainland during high tide to investigate the situation but discover more than they bargained for.

A horror comedy written and directed Jake West who is famous for films like Razorblade Smile and Doghouse, Evil Aliens is reminiscent of Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead or Braindead and uses excessive amounts of blood, shocks, gore and special effects to provide the laughs rather than actual jokes, thats not to say there aren't any good jokes but once you've seen the combine harvester sequence any jokes pale into insignificance... I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it but its one of the funniest scenes I've seen in a long time.

Other than a brief appearance from Norman Lovett (Holly from Red Dwarf) there aren't many recognisable names in the film but the most famous would have to be Emily Booth (aka Emily Bouffante) who has starred in Pervirella and Cradle of Fear but is best known as a TV presenter and often regarded as the face of the Horror Channel.

evil aliens

Evil Aliens pays homage to a wide range of films from Jaws to Star Wars but Star Trek seems to be the most loved with a number of great references including the line "What in Roddenberry's name is that?" and a T-shirt which reads "God Hates Trek".

There are a few different types of alien in the movie, the main aliens look like demons wearing masks that a a cross between Predator and a goat, there is also the aliens' pet and little silver balls similar to the zeroids from Terrorhawks which are used to hunt humans.

Not everybody will like this film but if you have a strong stomach for blood and if anal probes, alien sex, alien babies, Welsh speaking English hating inbred rednecks, laugh out loud shocks and The Wurzels are your type of thing then Evil Aliens is a film you need in your life.



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