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William Shatner And George Takei Use Star Wars VII For Their April Fool Jokes

george takei jedi

It seems that George Takei and William Shatner had quite a bit of fun with Star Wars VII and April Fools day yesterday.

First we had a great photo (above) of George as a Jedi with this Facebook status:

"Friends, I am thrilled to announce that I'll be starring in the Star Wars reboot directed by JJ Abrams. I'll be playing Master Ceti Maru, a member of the Jedi High Council. The new film, entitled "Star Wars: Galactic Empire," is greenlit and will begin filming sometime early next year. It is truly a moment for The Star Alliance. Thanks to all my fans for their decades of support."

That comment prompted 25000 comments and to date just shy of 290,000 likes.  Looks like Takei would be a popular addition to the Star Wars universe.

Never one to be out done by The Takei, William Shatner took to the Star Wars stage with this status and photo:

I am happy to announce that I will be seen again on the big screen in 2015!

shatner star wars vii
That update prompted 2000 comments and just under 10000 likes.  Not as many as Takei by quite some margin but then George Takei boasts over two million likes on his page compared to Shatner who has just over two hundred thousand.

Shatner, never one to be out done then left a rather controversial comment.  Maybe it is tongue in cheek and referencing his own habits but there is no love lost between these two.  Shatner also references his cyber-feud with Carrie fisher.  Shatner said:

"So George announced today that he, too will be in Episode VII! Bad enough I had to put up with that Fisher woman and now Him? You know how HE is...always demanding the best lines and hogging all the camera time! No thank you JJ, I'll stick to Star Trek! ;-)"

Later followed by:

"With the end of April 1st drawing near the end of this Star Wars charade must also come to a close. May the Farce Be With You! ;-) MBB"

My personal verdict is I would have to give the award on the day for creativity to George with his more detailed update.  Referencing the Jedi temple and a creative title along with the photo shopped picture shows that more time was spent on the prank.  I look forward to next year guys.

Here are the links to their Facebook page.




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