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Have We Seen The Last Episode Of The Clone Wars?

clone wars finale

Well that's it!

Season five of The Clone Wars is over and many of us are asking if that was the final episode of the series. I'm not going to give anything away in regards to the plot, but what I will say is having just watched the last episode, it did smell too much of an ending. A series finale!

We've had epic endings on the Clone Wars before, but this last episode of the season seems to focus too much on an ending rather than a cliff hanger. There was none of your usual feel to a season finale where the creators of the show leave with a cliff hanger, making sure you tune in next season. Also, I have to mention those end credits and music. Using a full orchestra that really hits home the ending, reminiscent of other endings such as Lost, Fringe and Battlestar Galactica. Add to that a fade-out scene and an extended credit sequence, it really felt like this was the end for the Clone Wars, or at least maybe the creators thought it was the end when making this episode.

The issue is, as mentioned on RebelForce Radio's Clone Wars: Declassified last week, Disney don't really need to make any more episodes. Clone Wars writer Steven Melching explained that for an animated show to go into syndication, which means it can be sold all over the world, it only needs to reach 65 episodes. The Clone Wars has surpassed that number. It is actually rare for an animated series to reach the magic number 100 like The Clone Wars has in regards to episodes. As far as money value, Disney may be thinking that paying for another season will not benefit the company financially. But I hope they stop to think of the negative effect cancelling the show may have on their trust we fans have put in them.

I love Disney and I believe they are the best company to have taken over Lucasfilm. They have announced new movies and spin off movies which is fantastic and I can't wait for 2015 and beyond. BUT, recently they have cancelled the 3D releases of the prequels and made no announcement of The Clone Wars. The general feel is that the show is, at worst, cancelled, or at best, the episodes that have been filmed will be a direct to DVD release or on-line release. On top of all this, the LucasArts game Star Wars 1313, has gone quiet and rumours are the game has been halted. I just wonder if Disney need to put out a few fan fires here and start making some more positive announcements and make them good. I know we've never had it so good in regards to the future of Star Wars, but 2015 and beyond are a few years away, so what an ideal way to fill the gap by giving us more Clone Wars? This will keep us fans happy, keep the interest in Star Wars high, and keep us talking positively about Disney. That's got to be worth something financially hasn't it?

RebelForce Radio are campaigning to save the Clone Wars. Leave them a voice mail expressing your support for the show on 708-320-1RFR. All voice mails will be compiled onto a CD and sent to Disney Corporate. Alternatively, send a polite letter expressing your love for The Clone Wars to :

Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

Some fans have accused me of panicking, but we need to make our voices heard now before its too late. If in the next week or month, Disney says the Clone Wars is renewed for season six, then I will take a deep breath and sigh in relief, but still would think the efforts by us fans was worth it. At least Disney will get confirmation of how passionate us Star Wars fans are.

Spoiler Alert - Don't read the next sentence if you haven't watched the episode.

I said I wouldn't give any of the plot of the last episode away but there is one line that Ahsoka says, "Sorry Master, I'm not coming back." I hope those words don't ring true for The Clone Wars.

Rob Wainfur


  1. I did very much seem to the be the end of the series. At least they could make it seem that way. But if it truly was the last episode of the series and if Lucasfilm wanted it to be the last episode in the series then I think they would have publicized it as such. Technically I think it is not the end of the series, because they seem to have a great majority of Season 6 in the can. Hopefully we will be able to see the rest of the episodes.

  2. I also join the chorus of Star Wars fans that hope that the show comes back for season 6. I will say that Disney has also shelved 3D releases that had also been announced. It would seem that many studios have lost confidence in 3D re-releases. As I have mentioned on several sites and podcasts I believe that not having the Clone Wars continue on-air would be a mistake considering all the potential tie-ins Disney would have in the parks and potential cruise lines. They have also seen in recent years that by extending animated series past three seasons can be very lucrative. That said I encourage people to show support of the series via letter campaign and respect to those making these program decisions.

  3. I heard they are already in pre-production on season 8, so I'm hopeful that we get at least the next two seasons somewhere, either Disney XD or dvd release.

  4. Season 8? Really? I heard they had already done some of Season 6 but season 8?

  5. Concerning the future of The Clone Wars and other Star Wars projects that appear to be getting put aside because of Ep7, continue to send those letters. You can also contact them at and Zenia Mucha
    Senior Vice President of Communications
    The Walt Disney Co.

  6. I think she'll wind up teaming with Ventress as a bounty hunter for a while, as she tries to figure things out. Maybe even help Ventress get rid of some of her dark side.

  7. Why is everyone assuming that Season 5 Part 3 is the last Episode of The Prequels, I HAVE SEEN THE TRAILOR FOR Season 5 Part 4 and it cements all of the Star Wars Fans that have been divided into 2 camps back into one again! Show Season 5 Part 4 and everyone will understand what I am talking about...or are you scared to show that last Episode in full Season 5 Part 4.


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