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The Best of John Williams by guest blogger Sam Bowden

John Williams is an American music composer; one of the best in his class. He has composed many world renowned pieces that any one who watches TV could recognize. Composing pieces for television shows was where John got his start; he composed pieces for over five different television series, including Land of the Giants and Lost in Space. Eventually, John Williams found work composing full scores for major motion pictures in the 1970s. Jumping from television to movies was a big jump for him at his age, but it didn't oppress him at all, composing scores for movies was where John Composed some of his greatest pieces.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark, an Indiana Jones movie, happens to have music composed by John Williams. Being one of the greatest compositions of all time it had to take a lot of work, to give the adventurous feeling that it does. Listening to this piece is truly amazing, the opening line sets you up for a big movie, and then the melody hits. At a moderate tempo it holds together any scene in the movie where it is being played. About two minutes into the theme it slows down and enters a new section of the piece. It is a slow, overture like section, symbolizing that somewhere within the movie that there will be a slow or emotional scene. After the overture section is finished the song progressively speeds back up and goes back to the main melody and eventually the closing lines. Truly one his greatest compositions; as it has the ability to paint a mental picture of adventure.

Listen to the Indiana Jones Theme

Goosebump giving, mysterious, awe inspiring, the Jurassic Park theme displays the great musical intellect of John Williams. The Jurassic Park theme happens to be a very slow piece painting a highly detailed mental picture. A new atmosphere appears when this piece is played, it gives the feeling of walking through the grasslands, woods, jungles, and actually seeing the majestic dinosaurs walking around. Jurassic Park couldn't have had a better theme than the one John Williams composed; it is a masterpiece.

Listen to the Jurassic Park theme

A piece that was composed long long ago, and became popular throughout the entire galaxy, can only be the Star Wars theme. When it was first played in theaters it stunned the world with it's amazing melodies and harmonies. Starting off with a grand entrance, the mental picture that appears is a large fleet of ships flying through space, it's a very majestic picture. As the song continues to move along, it slows down, to a part that feels like the fleet has entered a very quiet part within deep space. Changes in the tone signals that the antagonist, or empire, is fast approaching for battle. Every aspect of the Star Wars movies could be and is depicted within the amazing composition by John Williams.

Listen to the Star Wars theme

When it comes to musicians and composers, America doesn't have as many as other countries may do, but John Williams help us make up for that. His musical compositions are always going to masterpiece classics that anyone in any country would enjoy. He is a true American composer representing our country in a fantastic way, that will always be there.

About the Author:
This post is a guest post contributed by Sam Bowden. Sam Bowden is an experienced blogger with many helpful tips and quality writings.


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