Origami X-Wing Made Out Of Pages From Star Wars Novels

origami x-wing
origami x-wing

Just cam across this impressive piece of artwork from wetcanvas on deviantart.  Its an origami X-wing fighter.  What makes it even more impressive is the X-Wing from Star Wars is made up purely of Star Wars novels.  The artist writes

Commissioned project. My client was wonderful and sent me a book to use. It was a collection of three Star Wars books in one. The ship ended up being a bit larger than I originally planned, so it was nice to have that thicker book to offset the ship and provide a little it more stability. And, if he ever gets tired of having the book laying on a shelf, the ship looked really cool by itself. He could always snip the wires and hang it over his bookshelf.

The ship is attached in five places to the book with wire. The wings are wired through the body of the book, which has a cardboard core to hold its shape. The laser cannons are also wired.

The artist has also done an origamo Millennium Falcon also from Star Wars

origami millennium falcon
origami millennium falcon

Check out other great artwork from the artist at http://wetcanvas.deviantart.com/gallery/

I need your Star Wars memories for a book