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Full Of Sith Podcast Review

Full Of Sith PodCast
Full Of Sith PodCast

There are a galaxy of Star Wars podcasts currently out there, and the numbers will continue to increase. Therefore it can be difficult to sift through the bantha fodder.

Now, believe it or not, I'm somewhat of a latecomer to the whole podcast universe, and it's only in the last year or so, since my journey to work became considerably longer, have I started listening regularly to podcasts. I am particularly picky as to what I listen to, especially with Star Wars.

The Forcecast, Anomaly, Sarlacc Pit and the new Rebel Force Radio are on my subscriptions list, but now that Full of Sith has arrived on the scene, if this episode is anything to go by, then another podcast will be on my regular list.

The hosts - Bryan Young, Tha Mike Pilot, and Consetta Parker pull off a great scoop for only their second episode, an interview with Steve Sansweet. They are easy to listen to, are not in your face, and are very knowledgeable. They are genuine fans and are not doing this to rant and run down the latest changes to the franchise or the buyout of Lucasfilm.

The interview with Steve Sansweet (the man behind Rancho Obi-wan) ran for approximately an hour. I have listened to a number of interviews with Steve Sansweet, but this was one of the best. Full of Sith have tried and succeeded to make the questions different to the normal questions asked in an interview. We do get to hear about Steve's reaction to Disney's buyout and the announcement of more movies, but then they discuss his appearances on the home shopping channel QVC. I found this really interesting, especially learning that he missed out buying one of the items he was selling, as QVC would not reserve goods. Incredible! Steve also talks about his new book, The Ultimate Action Figure Collection, and the work that went into making this book.

Overall, the whole episode flowed seamlessly, and was just the right length. The sound quality was generally good, with just the occasional fade. The production quality is actually very high, and if this is the quality after only two episodes, then my prediction is that this podcast, Full of Sith, is going to be a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait for episode three.

You can find out about Full Of Sith over on their website

Rob Wainfur


  1. Thank you for the stellar review. Even though I've been podcasting for over 7 years I was always hesitant to do a Star Wars related podcast. Sure I'm a huge fan, a small collector, have SW tattoos and my audience fills my twitter and facebook accounts with anything and everything SW related. When Bryan Young suggested that we start a show I was instantly sold on doing it because of his love for SW as well. I don't know many people in this world more knowledgable or passionate about it. Then I met Consetta and once she was on board I believed we had something really special all being of different backgrounds and professional fields, at the same time being very liked minded with the same values.

    I'm happy to read that the audio quality for Steve Sansweet's interview wasn't too bad. Again, after all these years of podcasting I've spent a great deal of time and money to produce the best sounding shows I can. Sound quality is just as important (sometimes more so) as the content. It doesn't matter what you are saying if it's impossible to listen to.

    I admit openly that we did have some technical issues that day that popped up as soon as we connected with Steve, so while I'm talking to a man we all respect so much I was so worried that the show wouldn't do him the justice or give him the respect he deserved. I did spend a great deal of time cleaning it up the best it possibly could be. I had to, he and the listeners deserve that.

    I took the long road to basically say that as we go on everyone will find a consistent, leveled sounding show and we at Full Of Sith will never stop being the best possible show (content and quality wise) we can be for this galaxy and the community that we all love so much.

    Thank you again, after interviewing Eric Goldman from IGN tonite with Bryan and Consetta I didn't think this evening could get any better and your review only amplified how great a day this has been.

    The amount of positive feedback and excitement the show has gotten after only a few short weeks has been absolutely mind blowing. We hit the ground running for sure and I thank each and every person who has given us a chance and shared their stories, time and ears with us.

    Should you ever need some other show suggestions or would like to join us one evening to talk Star Wars please let me know. We'd love to share opinions and exchange stories with you.

    Mike Pilot aka Tha Mike - Full Of Sith


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