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REVIEW: Red Tails - A Movie You Must See

Red Tails Is Flying High

So tonight I watched Red Tails from Lucasfilm.  A true story about the Tuskegee black African airmen.  Produced by George Lucas and Rick McCallum this is a film that has been in the making for a number of years and now its finally here I can say that the wait was worth waiting for.  The film immediately opens with an explosive start.  No slow build up here.  The attack and ultimate destruction of a German military train pulls you straight into the movie and straight away you're on the edge of your seat.

Red Tails is packed with battle scenes throughout, of which are spectacular.  Industrial Light And Magic who did the special effects have out done themselves.  The dog fights are fast paced but done in a way that you know exactly what is going on.  The screen is never overfilled with action which a lot of modern day movies tend to be guilty of.  Transformers anyone?  But the major achievement is that the special effects and dogfights take second fiddle to the airmen who fly the P40 and P51 aircrafts.

The daring bravery, the discrimination of the colour of their skin regardless of their achievements, their personal life including a romantic relationship that for once is portrayed in an appropriate way all contribute to a character driven action packed movie which will not disappoint.  Each character has their own personal trait or battle to overcome.  With the likes of  "Lightning" who likes to take things on himself, "Easy" who has a drinking problem to name a few, you really do start to care about the individuals in the squadron and as a result you want to know and care that they get back safely at the end.  A credit to the writers and the director Anthony Hemingway.

I can't recommend this move enough and compared to some of the bigger budget and more hyped movies that are doing the run at the moment this one left me more satisfied at the end of it and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

A mention must also go to the soundtrack. Even though the movie is a WWII-era drama about the Tuskegee Airmen, the music is surprisingly modern.  But it works and adds to the fast pace of the movie.

Rob Wainfur
The Bearded Trio


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