INDIANA JONES and the search for the lost idol 20min Fan made Video

"Unofficial short film made by a fan, dedicated to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, John Williams and all the team behind "Indiana Jones" movies".

"INDIANA JONES and the search for the lost idol", was shot entirely in Tenerife (Canary Islands) in 2008. Was conducted without a budget, without the help of a producer, without a proffesional team, only with a group of friends, my Canon XL2 and much love for cinema. This short film is a personal tribute to a director who admire a lot, Steven Spielberg. 

The short film won the 1st Prize in Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival "TCIF3" fan film category (Washington, 2009), was showed in New York Comic Con (New York, 2009), was premiered at Yelmo theatres (Tenerife, 2008) and was showed in CIFICOM (Madrid, 2011). 

The story begins in Tenerife (1948), where Indiana Jones is looking for some spanish doubloons whereabouts. The journey continues in Portugal, where he will meet Mr. Giovanni, an art collector, who will try to exchange doubloons for a major treasure from his past.

* Main Cast:
INDIANA JONES Rafa Rodríguez
MR. GIOVANNI Giovanni Laddomada
SECRETARY Antonia María

*Main Crew:
Directed, written, edited, director of photography and produced by FRAN CASANOVA
Visual Effects by JESÚS DÍEZ

The short film was shot in Tenerife (Canary Islands) in 2008 


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