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The Star Wars Blu-ray Drinking Game

To celebrate the imminent release of Star Wars on Blu-ray I have come up with a way to enhance the experience.  Best played with two or more players.  Drink responsibly (don't spill any.)

  • You open up the box set and lay all the discs out and read all the leaflets and pamphlets before even playing one.  Down a drink
  • You think “Wow!  How amazing does that look in high def” take a swig.
  • You think “Wow!  That sounds amazing in 6.1” take a swig.

  • You go straight for the deleted scenes.  Down a drink.
  • You go straight for one of the documentaries (Star Warriors, Anatomy Of A Dewback etc.) Down a drink.
  • You watch the concept art gallery.  Take a sip.
  • You decide to do this properly and start with the first disc. Take a sip.
  • You’ve got mates around and decide to have a geek night.  You better take a sip and take it slowly.  You’re probably going to be drunk by the end of disc one.
  • George Lucas is wearing a cap.  Take a swig.
  • George Lucas is wearing a lumberjack shirt.  Take a swig.
  • Someone says “I have a bad feeling about this.”  Down a drink
  • ILM is mentioned.  Take a swig.
  • Wilhelm scream.  Down a drink.
  • You see John Williams in one of the documentaries.  Take a sip.
  • You find an Easter egg on one of the discs.  Down a drink.  (Well done.)
  • An ewok dies.  Take a swig.
  • A lap is completed at the pod race.  Take a swig.
  • You hear a Jawa shout “Utini!”  Take a swig.
  • For every movie you watch with audio commentary take two swigs.
  • You watch a documentary and see a model or a prop in the background of the person being interviewed and you wish you had that.  Down a drink.
  • You see the Lucasarts archives and you wish you had the chance to be there.  Down two drinks! (to drown your sorrows.)
  • You’ve dug out some Star Wars collectable to accompany you while watching.  Down a drink.
  • You skip to all your favourite parts just to see what it looks and sounds like.  Down two drinks.
  • You tweet you are watching Star Wars on blu-ray.  Down a drink
  • You update your facebook with the same thing.  Down a drink
  • You take a photo of the box set and upload to twitpic or equivalent.  Down a drink.
  • You turn up the volume just before the THX logo comes on.  Take a sip.
  • You turn it down just after the THX logo comes on (you realise its too load.) Take a swig.
  •  You have to pause the disc for any reason.  Take a swig.
  • You have mates around and one of them blabs out some trivia that he/she thinks you may not now.  All down a drink.
  • You smile or feel a little bit nostalgic when John Williams Binary Sunset is played.  Take a sip.
  • You have mates around and one of them is wording the lines to the film.  He/She has to down a drink.
  • The phone rings or you get a text message while watching the blu-rays.  Take a swig.
  • You’ve watched all the discs in one sitting.  Down a…actually you better get up drink some water and go for a walk.

Rob Wainfur (Not a drunk.)


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