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Facts On John Williams

John Williams - Film Score Composer

John Towner Williams is an American composer, conductor and pianist. He is considered to be one of the greatest film composers of all time.Wikipedia

Born: February 8, 1932, Floral Park, New York, United States
Compositions: The Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, The Mission,more
Movies and TV shows: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga,Broadway's Best at Pops, Douthyam
Awards: Academy Award for Best Original Music Score, more
Film music credits: Cinderella Liberty, The Towering Inferno, more
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Original Music Score, more

John Towner Williams (born February 8, 1932) is an American composer, conductor and pianist. He is considered to be one of the greatest film composers of all time.  In a career spanning over six decades, he has composed some of the most popular and recognizable film scores in cinematic history, including Jaws, Family Plot (Alfred Hitchcock's final film), the Star Wars series, Superman, the Indiana Jones series, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the first two Home Alonefilms, Hook, the first two Jurassic Park films, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, the first three Harry Potter films,Catch Me If You Can, Memoirs of a Geisha, War Horse, and Lincoln. He has had a long association with directorSteven Spielberg, composing the music for all but one (The Color Purple) of Spielberg's major feature-length films.

Other notable works by Williams include theme music for four Olympic Games, NBC Sunday Night Football, the NBC Nightly News, the Statue of Liberty's rededication, the television series Lost in Space and Land of the Giants, and the original, not as well known calypso-based theme song to Gilligan's Island. Williams has also composed numerous classical concerti, and he served as the Boston Pops Orchestra's principal conductor from 1980 to 1993; he is now the orchestra's conductor laureate.

Film scores

The following list consists of select films for which John Williams wrote the score and/or songs.


1954You Are Welcome[1][2] ?Tourist Development for NewfoundlandPromotional film for the tourist information office of Newfoundland
1958Daddy-OLou PlaceAmerican International PicturesJohn Williams' feature film debut

1960I Passed for WhiteFred M. Wilcox
Because They're YoungPaul Wendkos
1961The Secret WaysPhil Karlson
Richard Widmark
1962Bachelor FlatFrank Tashlin
Budd Grossman
1963Diamond HeadGuy Green
Gidget Goes to RomePaul Wendkos
1964The KillersDon SiegelThe main title and the closing was edited from music originally composed by Henry Mancini for Touch of Evil. Mancini's "Too Little Time" from The Glenn Miller Story, was also incorporated into the score.
1965None but the BraveFrank Sinatra
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home!J. Lee Thompson
1966The Rare BreedAndrew V. McLaglen
How to Steal a MillionWilliam WylerCredited as Johnny Williams
The PlainsmanDavid Lowell Rich
Not with My Wife, You Don't!Norman Panama
PenelopeArthur Hiller
1967A Guide for the Married ManGene Kelly
Valley of the DollsMark RobsonOscar nomination (songs written by André and Dory Previn)
FitzwillyDelbert Mann
HeidiTV movie
1968Land of the Giants (TV Series)Harry Harris
1969Daddy's Gone A-HuntingMark Robson
Goodbye, Mr. ChipsHerbert RossOscar nomination
The ReiversMark Rydell

1970Storia di una donnaLeonardo BercoviciUniversal PicturesHis only score written for a foreign movie
Jane EyreDelbert MannNBCTV movie
1971Fiddler on the RoofNorman JewisonUnited ArtistsOscar winner (score adaptation)
1972The CowboysMark RydellWarner Bros. PicturesN/A
The Screaming WomanJack SmightUniversal Television
TV movie
ImagesRobert AltmanColumbia PicturesOscar nomination
The Poseidon AdventureRonald Neame20th Century FoxGolden Globe and Oscar nominations
Pete 'n' TillieMartin RittUniversal PicturesN/A
1973The Long GoodbyeRobert AltmanUnited ArtistsAlso title song (with Johnny Mercer)
Tom SawyerDon TaylorUnited ArtistsGolden Globe and Oscar nominations shared with Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman
The Man Who Loved Cat DancingRichard C. SarafianMetro-Goldwyn-MayerN/A
The Paper ChaseJames Bridges20th Century FoxN/A
Cinderella LibertyMark Rydell20th Century FoxGolden Globe and Oscar nominations
1974ConrackMartin Ritt20th Century FoxN/A
The Sugarland ExpressSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesN/A
EarthquakeMark RobsonUniversal PicturesGolden Globe nomination
The Towering InfernoJohn Guillerman20th Century FoxOscar nomination
1975The Eiger SanctionClint EastwoodUniversal PicturesN/A
JawsSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesGrammy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Oscar winner
1976Family PlotAlfred HitchcockUniversal PicturesN/A
The Missouri BreaksArthur PennUnited ArtistsN/A
MidwayJack SmightUniversal PicturesN/A
1977Black SundayJohn FrankenheimerParamount PicturesN/A
Star Wars Episode IV: A New HopeGeorge Lucas20th Century FoxOscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA winner, 4 Grammy nominations including 3 wins
Close Encounters of the Third KindSteven SpielbergColumbia PicturesGolden Globe and Oscar nominations, 3 Grammy nominations including 2 wins
1978The FuryBrian De Palma20th Century FoxN/A
Jaws 2Jeannot SzwarcUniversal PicturesN/A
SupermanRichard DonnerWarner Bros. PicturesGolden Globe and Oscar nominations, 3 Grammy nominations including 2 wins
1979DraculaJohn BadhamUniversal PicturesN/A
1941Steven SpielbergUniversal Pictures
Columbia Pictures

1980Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackIrvin Kershner20th Century FoxGolden Globe and Oscar nominations, BAFTA winner, 5 Grammy nominations including 2 wins
1981Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven SpielbergParamount PicturesGrammy winner, Oscar nomination
HeartbeepsAllan ArkushUniversal PicturesN/A
1982E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesGolden Globe, Oscar, and BAFTA winner, 5 Grammy nominations including 3 wins
Yes, GiorgioFranklin J. SchaffnerMetro-Goldwyn-MayerMusic composed by Michael J. Lewis; song only – "If We Were In Love" Oscar and Golden Globe nomination
MonsignorFrank Perry20th Century FoxN/A
1983Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the JediRichard Marquand20th Century FoxGrammy and Oscar nominations
1984Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomSteven SpielbergParamount PicturesOscar nomination
The RiverMark RydellUniversal PicturesGolden Globe and Oscar nominations
1986SpaceCampHarry Winer20th Century Fox
ABC Motion Pictures
1987The Witches of EastwickGeorge MillerWarner Bros. PicturesGrammy and Oscar nominations
Empire of the SunSteven SpielbergWarner Bros. PicturesGrammy, Golden Globe, and Oscar nominations, BAFTA winner
Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceSidney J. FurieWarner Bros. PicturesAdapted and conducted by Alexander Courage, Three new themes
1988The Accidental TouristLawrence KasdanWarner Bros. PicturesGolden Globe and Oscar nominations
1989Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeSteven SpielbergParamount PicturesGrammy and Oscar nominations
Born on the Fourth of JulyOliver StoneUniversal PicturesGrammy, Golden Globe, and Oscar nominations
AlwaysSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesN/A

1990Stanley & IrisMartin RittMetro-Goldwyn-MayerN/A
Presumed InnocentAlan J. PakulaWarner Bros. PicturesN/A
Home AloneChris Columbus20th Century FoxGrammy and double Oscar nominations
1991HookSteven SpielbergTriStar PicturesOscar and double Grammy nominations
JFKOliver StoneWarner Bros. PicturesOscar nominations
1992Far and AwayRon HowardUniversal PicturesN/A
Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkChris Columbus20th Century FoxN/A
1993Jurassic ParkSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesGrammy nomination
Schindler's ListSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesGolden Globe, Oscar, Grammy, and BAFTA winner
1995SabrinaSydney PollackParamount PicturesGrammy, Golden Globe, and double Oscar nominations
NixonOliver StoneHollywood PicturesOscar nomination
1996SleepersBarry LevinsonWarner Bros. PicturesOscar nomination
1997RosewoodJohn SingletonWarner Bros. PicturesN/A
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkSteven SpielbergUniversal PicturesGrammy nomination
Seven Years in TibetJean-Jacques AnnaudTriStar PicturesGrammy and Golden Globe nominations
AmistadSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesGrammy and Oscar nominations
1998Saving Private RyanSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesGolden Globe, Grammy, and Oscar nominations
StepmomChris ColumbusColumbia PicturesN/A
1999Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceGeorge Lucas20th Century FoxGrammy nomination
Angela's AshesAlan ParkerParamount PicturesGrammy winner, Golden Globe and Oscar nominations

2000The PatriotRoland EmmerichColumbia PicturesOscar nomination
2001A.I.: Artificial IntelligenceSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesGolden Globe, Grammy, and Oscar nominations
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers's StoneChris ColumbusWarner Bros. PicturesOscar nomination and double Grammy nominations,Sorcerer's Stone in U.S.A.
2002Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesGeorge Lucas20th Century FoxN/A
Minority ReportSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesN/A
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsChris ColumbusWarner Bros. PicturesGrammy nomination/Adapted and conducted by William Ross
Catch Me If You CanSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesGrammy and Oscar nominations
2004Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanAlfonso CuarónWarner Bros. PicturesGrammy and Oscar nominations
The TerminalSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesN/A
2005Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithGeorge Lucas20th Century FoxDouble Grammy nominations
War of the WorldsSteven SpielbergParamount PicturesGrammy nomination
Memoirs of a GeishaRob MarshallColumbia PicturesOscar nomination, Golden Globe and BAFTA winner, double Grammy nominations including one win. First time approaching filmmakers to do the score.
MunichSteven SpielbergDreamWorks PicturesOscar nomination, Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition; and Grammy nomination for Best Score Soundtrack Album
2008Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullSteven SpielbergParamount PicturesAt the 51st Grammy Awards, John Williams won an award for "The Adventures of Mutt," with a nomination in Best Score Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

2011The Adventures of Tintin:
The Secret of the Unicorn
Steven SpielbergGrammy and Oscar nominations, Annie Award winner. Williams's first score for an animated film.
War HorseOscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations
2012LincolnOscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Grammy nominations
2013The Book ThiefBrian PercivalOscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition.
2015Star Wars: The Force AwakensJ.J. AbramsGrammy winner, Oscar and BAFTA nominations. First J.J. Abrams theatrical film without his long-time composer Michael Giacchino.
2016The BFGSteven SpielbergN/A
2017Star Wars: The Last Jedi[3]Rian JohnsonN/A
The PostSteven SpielbergN/A
2019Star Wars: Episode IXJ.J. AbramsN/A


2020Indiana Jones 5[4]Steven SpielbergN/A

Source:  Wikipedia

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