Space Opera Society Wants To Bring Back Quality Sci-FI Shows.

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Do you ever wonder if we'll ever see the good old days when quality Sci-fi was all over TV?  DS9, Voyager, SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, BSG.  Remember when we were spoiled with these quality shows?  What happened?  Did you get frustrated when big TV studios would cancel your favourite space opera show after just twelve episodes?  Or cancel the new Stargate after two seasons just when it was getting good?  What would they replace it with?  Wrestling or some poorly made Megashark movie.

SOS (Space Opera Society) are trying to bring back the glory days.  A non profit production studio which will produce original and quality science fiction for the web and possibly more.

Now don't be put off thinking that this is a bunch of guys with a camera and a green screen.  SOS is a collaboration of writers, producers, SFX gurus and more who love the genre and worked on some of the top sci-fi show ever made.  Don't believe me?  Check out the video below to see the quality that can be expected.

SOS are currently running an Indegogo campaign and trying to raise approx $200,000 for start up costs.  Check out the campaign to see some of the concept artwork that will definitely wet your appetite.

We're definitely on board with this and hope SOS meet their goal.  The Bearded Trio are all for quality science fiction.  We're going to add a link to the main page for the duration of the campaign.

SOS Write:

SOS is a response to a distress signal by fans of science fiction around the cosmos to revive the genre, especially the space opera, which has been forgotten over the years.

SOS aspires to become THE virtual meeting place for lovers of science fiction, and fans are being invited to participate in the development of projects, to freely discuss their passion in an environment respectful of its fans, and of course to watch our productions.

By adopting a crowdfunding mode of financing, and a transparent business model, SOS will go where few production companies have gone before. In this regard, SOS is inspired by New York`s Metropolitan Opera, as the MET Members (fans and opera lovers), and SOS donors (fans and enthusiasts of traditional sci-fi shows), know that their investment will be used for production, and profits will be reinvested in the development and production of new projects.

SOS can also count on an outstanding team of international talent (writers, actors, directors, make up artists, production designers, model makers, VFX artists) who have worked on such cult series and movies as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Space: 1999, Stargate, X-files, Dune, Alien, Outland, Tron and many more...

Rob Wainfur