Monday, 21 April 2014

Becca's Chava Chat

“Twilight is upon me, and soon, night must fall. That is the way of things. The way of the Force.” – Yoda

There is something captivating, almost theatrical, in the cyclical time between day and night. Symbolically, this splashy array of vibrant coloration, displays a state of vulnerability. Showing a significant contrast between light and darkness, between consciousness and unconsciousness; the hour of Twilight…..

The brightest light casts the darkest shadow….

In the vast darkness of night, only hints of loves light flickers.  It’s a continuous flow of hope, a beacon, calling the heart home.  The dark conceals this precious secret, one that defines the most sincere purities a love has ever known; for it is truly a gift.  The dark protects it from the poison that would cast judgment, cruelty, and ultimately, breeding doubt and jealousy.  Like a candles illuminating flame, love can be mesmerizing, leaving one blinded by wondrous beauty.  Or is this a perception based on an illusion? Should love trust the night and take comfort in its embrace? Or is that the illusion? Has it deceived us by its so called protection? Love, like a flame, is alive and it breathes. If you betray it, hold it in contempt, it suffocates and all that’s left is the dark…

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