Tuesday, 11 March 2014

this is madness

Everyone's favourite Star Wars character tournament is back.  After last year's successful character elimination game it sees it's triumphant return for 2014.  You can vote now.

I don't want to influence you but I'm going to wave my hand at your face like the Jedi I am and say "you will vote for Porkins."

Right off you go.

This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament is back! Kicking off this year's fan-voted competition (March 11 -- April 7 at thisismadness.starwars.com), the legendary Jedi Master Yoda speaks exclusively with Max Kellerman on ESPN's SportsNation about his championship win last year, his thoughts on this year's tournament, and more.

Starting off the interview, Kellerman notes that in his run for the title in the inaugural This Is Madness competition, Yoda faced many Jedi and friends. Was that difficult? "Very difficult," the 900-year-old Jedi says. "But take care of business, I did." Yoda thanks the Force and his supporters for voting him champion, and says he is still friends with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who he defeated in a close matchup. Yoda also addresses his battle with R2-D2, acknowledging the bad blood between the two. He then notes that in the championship final against Darth Vader, the Sith Lord was powerful -- but fans supported "the right side of the Force."

Yoda is excited about this year's installment of This Is Madness, telling Kellerman that its new entrants and divisions will make the tournament even more enjoyable. "Fun it will be, to see who wins," he says. Kellerman asks Yoda for a brief scouting support, and the Jedi Master gives his opinions on both Boba Fett and Salacious Crumb, saying of the latter, "Good in him, I sense."

Finally, Kellerman tries an impression for Yoda -- which may have been ill-advised -- and the two say goodbye. But the Jedi Master has one last remark...

Vote for your favorite Star Wars characters in This Is Madness every day from March 11 to April 7 -- only at thisismadness.starwars.com!




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