Monday, 25 February 2013

daniel day-lewis acceptance speech 2013
Daniel Day-Lewis accepts his Oscar for best actor in Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis picked up the Oscar in the best actor category at this years ceremony for his powerful performance in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.  This makes him the first man to with best actor three times.  You can watch his acceptance speech below.  In it he thanks of course Steven Spielberg but also Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy who is in the audience.

He first joked that he was Spielberg's second choice to play Lincoln, the first being Meryl Streep who was on stage presenting the award.  However he mentions he was first considered to play Margaret Thatcher which ultimately was played by Meryl Streep herself.

kathleen kennedy oscars
Kathleen Kennedy
steven spielberg oscars 2013
Steven Spielberg
Lincoln won two oscars on the night in the main categories, the other was for production design.
You can see who won with our full list of winners here.

Watch the speech over at

Rob Wainfur

I need your Star Wars memories for a book


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