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Announcement About The Bearded Trio

Announcement: Those who follow The Bearded Trio will know that I've been around for a while now, eleven years to be exact and this year I have found myself considering moving away from the whole fan-site and social media community.  In the last few months this thought has intensified and I think for me it would be a good idea to at least take a break.  What this means is starting in the new year I will take a few months off and hopefully the absence will reignite my itch to write about The Bearded Trio and post on the social media pages.  

There are various reasons I want to take a break.  A hobby should be a haven of enjoyment and lately, where it isn't a chore, it has become a thing that I feel I have to do.  Also, my enthusiasm for fandom has dwindled over the years.  The announcement of all the various Star Wars shows didn't excite me but made me think of Homer being fed all the donuts in Hell without any intention of stopping.  Not a good place to be for me.  

I am also disappointed with the fan community's lack of coverage of Alan Dean Foster's issue with Disney not paying him royalties.  Not just him but other authors too like James Kahn.  Established podcasts, websites and even fellow authors have shown their lack of interest in the events in case they affect their relationship with Disney fearing they won't get their free plush toys, books and press passes.  This has really disappointed me.  Well known podcasts who have the capability of covering this important topic would rather omit this from their weekly episodes.  Even fellow authors are loud in their silence.  It really has disappointed me.    

Anyway, this is not the only reason but has amplified my eagerness to take a leave of absence.  

What does this mean for The Bearded Trio?  Well the site will stay open.  There is over 10 years of material so it would be a shame to see it just disappear.  Also, there are other contributors who want to still write so expect to see their awesome material.  What about the Facebook and Twitter page?  Well, again we have other contributors who will post from time to time.  I will still post but expect it to be less frequent.  Where I would post a number of posts a day, I will post if and when and see where it goes from there.  I may get the urge once more or it may be that I move away from the scene all together.  Will see in a few months time.  Until then, take care, have a fantastic new year and most importantly stay safe.  Finally, thank you!  Thank you for being here and making The Bearded Trio what it is.  I suspect I will miss you the most. 


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