Brand New X-Wing Star Wars Po-Zu Sneakers

Now Star Wars fans have the chance to stride out in X-Wing Pilot style thanks to Po-Zu Sneakers.

Perfectly formed for speed and agility the X-Wing fighters soar across our screens with impressive ease. Is it the dalliance with death that compels, us or the odds against survival? Either way there is nothing more central to the Star Wars story than the brash and brazen X Wing Pilots. Their suspense, skill and one-in-a-million shots fired against all odds of survival make up the very essence of the films.
£59 (approx $78)

Lands in Online Store Saturday 23rd March, 6am PDT (San Fran) 9am EST (New York) and 1pm GMT (UK)

Fast international shipping and immediate dispatch.
Get in time for Star Wars Celebration - Chicago 2019!

Pu-Zu's latest Star Wars shoe shows vivid schematic detail of X-Wing fighters in action next to a striking helmet design.

Screen printed onto organic cotton canvas with a red embroidered label, red foxing detail and soles stitched for durability; this new model is unisex, vegan and ethical. 

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