Lucasfilm Steps In And Takes Copyright Claim AWAY From Star Wars Fan Movie

lucasfilm take copyright claim away

Lucasfilm Step In And Get Copyright Claim Taken Down

The new and rather impressive Star War fan film, 'Vader Episode 1: Shards of The Past' has reached over 7 million views in just three weeks. A lot to do with the quality of the film but also a little due to the controversy around the fan flick

It was posted on the YouTube channel, 'Star Wars Theory' after getting the go ahead from Lucasfilm and under the condition that it wasn't crowdfunded or monetised.  The movie reportedly cost the makers over $100,000 to make and went ahead and posted the video on YouTube even though they were never going to get that money back.  All for the love of Star Wars.

However, Disney quickly slapped a copyright claim on the video due to a piece of music in the movie that sounds too close to John Williams "Imperial March."  As a result, Disney were able to monetise the film and the company made at least $80,000 from a fan movie that was originally told that they weren't allowed to make any money.

Anyway, the news soon spread and fans were not happy and thankfully, Lucasfilm have stepped in and approached Disney and told them "you've altered the deal etc etc."  Anyway, Lucasfilm have made sure the claim has been taken away.  They didn't need to do this but Lucasfilm have always had the fans at heart and this proves that they still do.

Kudos to Lucasfilm.

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