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Marvel Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan #4 Review

Marvel Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan #4 Review

Written by Greg Weisman, Art by Pepe Larraz, Cover by Mark Brooks

Spoiler Warning!

We start where the last issue left off, whilst on a thieving job young Caleb (to become Kanan) and his new partner in crime, Kasmir get caught in the act of stealing droids! Shockingly Kasmir tells the captors that Caleb is a Jedi Padawan to seemingly save his own skin. Caleb feels betrayed....again!
The captors contact the Imperials to let them know they have captured a Jedi, the Imperials inform them that they will collect him and execute the young Jedi.
Whilst thinking things over in his cell, he is surprised to be broken out by Kasmir who betrayed him in the first place.  They escape off world in Kasmirs' ship.

'Caleb & Kasmir'

We are then taken to the Clones interrogating a Gamorrean for information on Calebs whereabouts, they are still in hot pursuit.  Back on Kasmirs' ship things seem to take a turn for the better and our young hero has made a friend in his new partner in crime. 
Kasmir has decided to trade their acquired loot for other stolen goods and they depart for a tropical island called 'Lahn'. 

'General Kleeve'

Upon landing they split up and Caleb goes to meet their contact, who turns out to be General Kleeve an, enemy during 'The Clone Wars' and he reveals that he owes Kasmir a ship.  Turning back to Kasmir, the two clones who are hunting them catch the Padawans new friend, Caleb sees this and decides to flee to save his new friend and convinces his old Clone War nemesis to lend him the ship, but as they approach the ship the two Clones catch up with them! To be concluded.........

This Issue continues in the same brilliant vein of it predecessors, and is probably my favourite Star Wars comic of the moment.  The art is superb as is the story telling, you really get an insight into the emotions of the sad story of Caleb, soon to be Kanan who seems at this moment in time, destined to face the world alone still torn, in places between his Masters Jedi teachings and his new life of crime.  The storyline sucks you in and makes you hungry for more. I find if I am disappointed at the end, then the story has served its purpose.  I especially liked the twist where Kasmir blows Calebs cover to get him detained and then escape.

We are also introduced to 'Lahn' a seemingly beautiful tropical paradise that seems more a kin to the Pirates of the Caribbean than to the Star Wars galaxy! And interestingly Kleeves' hideout resembles Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. 

A brilliant comic series,   I look forward to the next one 

By Steve Potter
You can find me here ; Facebook & Twitter

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