Lucasarts Veteran Trying To Bring Back Classic Adventure A Vampyre Story.

a vampyre story year one

Lucasarts veteran Bill Tiller who has worked on such quality games such as The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island is trying to raise money via Kickstarter to bring us a prequel to his other excellent game A Vampyre Story.

Here's what Bill has to say about the game and a little about himself.

A Vampyre Story:Year One graphic adventure puts you in the role of lonely Mona, a reluctant vampire trapped in a castle by her master.

Introduction to A Vampyre Story: Year One.

In case you don’t know me I’m Bill Tiller, illustrator and game designer. And I love making classic, Lucas Arts style graphic adventures. Back when I was in college I trained as a character animator in the classic Disney style, which turned out to be a perfect fit for developing graphic adventures, due to their story driven narrative, cartoon animation style, and vibrant art direction. They were very reminiscent of classic Disney movies I loved as a kid.

a vampyre story year one

During my tenure at Lucas Arts, I worked on two adventure titles - Steven Spielberg’s The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island and enjoyed the hell out of The Secret of Monkey Island and Full Throttle. Exposure to these great games put a dangerous thought in my head “Must smash head into wall!” When I woke up I decided to make my own graphic adventures. That is exactly what happened, no lie!

So I formed my own company, Autumn Moon Entertainment, where I made two graphic adventures: Ghost Pirates of Voojoo Island and the award-winning A Vampyre Story. I would have happily continued making more adventure games but thanks to the Great Recession, funding became tough to find - until Kickstarter ™!

Now you, the gaming patrons of the world, get to play the role of publisher and help fund A Vampyre Story: Year One, a prequel to A Vampyre Story. This project was designed to be a short, episodic length game.

A lot of people ask, “Bill? Uh,Tiller? Earth to Tiller. Hello?! Why do you look so tired all the time, and why are you making a prequel instead of a sequel?” Well I have kids is the answer to the first one, and the second answer is it’s about math. Funding smaller game projects is easier and would allow us to improve the game engine in preparation for future games. On top of that, I have always wanted to do a short prequel to A Vampyre Story so players could see what Mona’s life was like during the years before she finally escaped from her captor. The first game hinted at what happened in that time to Mona De Laffite and Froderick, and now I want the opportunity to show it.

So about the game, our story begins when Mona, a captive at Castle Warg for a few months, sees a little bat desperately trying to escape from three nasty looking bat ‘thugs’. Mona, not being a big fan of bullies nor things ‘nasty looking,’ decides to help the poor fellow out.

Froderick, the cute little bat, is trapped, surrounded by the bat thugs. And it is up to Mona and the player controlling her to save him by exploring the castle to find a way to help.

While exploring, Mona will meet several denizens of the castle including Arachnea Rose, a rather large and intimidating spider; Poe Possum, a vile and tick-ridden vermin; and the three Belfry Boyz - Slim, Brat, and Rocco, their pugnacious leader. Inky, the local lake monster, and Shrowdy Von Keifer, Mona’s vampire captor and master, both make an appearance, too. Mona also has to deal with a pair of man eating plants and makes a new female friend …or is she a friend?

At the time of writing this the campaign only has 8 days to go.  Lets get behind it and get the game released.

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