Steven Awalt Interview With Close Encounter's Production Designer Joe Alves

joe alves

Steven Awalt has published his interview he did back in 2007 with Close Encounter's Production Designer Joe Alves.  An excellent interview and an interesting read.

If you’re a fan of Steven Spielberg’s earliest work in feature filmmaking, then there’s a darned good chance that you know the name Joe Alves. Alves enjoyed decades of great success in television and features as an art director, production designer and eventually a director (“Jaws 3.”) His most noted and celebrated work, however, would certainly be designing the productions of Spielberg’s first two hit films back-to-back in 1975’s “Jaws” and 1977’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” If you’ve ever grinned at the quirky character of Quint’s ramshackle vessel the Orca, or marveled at the majesty of Devils Tower and Sky Harbor as the Mothership descended upon the waiting human beings, then you’ve thrilled to Alves’ vision in collaboration with Steven Spielberg.