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"Monkey Island" Style Point And Click Adventure THE REALM Needs Your Help On Kickstarter

A team of game developers need your help in creating a rather impressive looking point and click adventure in the good old style of Monkey Island and other top notch adventure games of years gone by. Make sure to check out their video below and also the Kickstarter page

The Vision

We are a group of experienced game developers asking for your help to make a unique and visually stunning graphical adventure. We will be using a combination of inspiring 3D and beautifully crafted 2D artwork to set a new artistic benchmark for the point and click genre, not just on PC and Mac, but on tablet devices too. We call our style ‘Western Art, Eastern Heart’.

We’re re-imagining the point and click adventure, bringing it up to date so that it can be played just as easily on touch screen devices as with a mouse. We've taken out complicated inventory screens and obscure puzzles and replaced them with the streamlined interactivity and intuitive design now expected of modern games.

So What Is 'The Realm'?

The Realm is set in a far distant future where the world has been reclaimed by nature. Our once proud cities now lie abandoned - overgrown with strange plants and twisted vines. The locations in The Realm reflect the real-life landscapes and architecture of the North East of England.

Some humans remain, but they are now leading a more simple life based around small rural communities entirely divorced from modern technology and science. The age of magic and mysticism has returned and there are rumours of stirrings in the forests.

The Realm follows the story of Sarina, a headstrong young girl who leaves the safety of her village to embark on a desperate quest to discover a cure for her sick mother. On her journey she befriends a legendary giant stone golem named Toru, a gentle but powerful creature, and the unlikely couple begin a treacherous adventure together.

Sarina and Toru travel across the wild and beautiful land to a forgotten city, where legend speaks of a flower growing with amazing healing properties. Their presence in the city awakens a long forgotten shadowy force that controls the Lampheads - mysterious plant-like creatures with a powerful and deadly gaze.

How Do I Play The Realm?

In The Realm, the player controls both our heroes - Sarina and Toru. To complete the adventure, the player must learn to utilize the unique abilities of both characters to solve the many puzzles and to overcome the many threats that dwell in The Realm.

Sarina is adventurous, feisty and smart. However, she is vulnerable to the many natural hazards and creatures found in the world. She is fast and nimble, but her size means that she is unable to perform many of the tasks required to progress. Luckily, Toru is able to lend his power in assistance.

Toru is a giant stone golem who has been dormant in the forest for a long time. He’s naive, pure and he can't remember his past. He fascinated and easily distracted by the wonders around him.

Slow moving but powerful, he is impervious to many hazards, and throughout the game he learns new skills and abilities from Sarina.

Only by leading Sarina and Toru through a number of beautiful but dangerous locations and solving a series of environment-based puzzles, will you be able to help our heroes fulfil Sarina's quest and help Toru discover his purpose.

Sarina and Toru can be moved around each location and interact with objects found within. When interacting with an object, each character is presented with a unique set of available actions, specific to the given context. There are characters that help, and others that hinder, and there are deadly traps and evil lurking in the shadows. You must use all your cunning to survive!

Making great games is a costly business - we know all too well as we've been making them for many years. We've already invested a significant amount of time and money into this project, but we still need your help to fund the development of the game. Of course from our total of £195K, we still need to pay Kickstarter, payment fees and then we need to make and post your wonderful rewards out of that too.

We estimate that it will take eight months to build the game and there’s lots of work to do in that time: designing puzzles, drawing the environments, the creatures, the objects, all the different animations, dressing the scenes, recording the music and sound effects, coding the game, and testing it.

We believe in this game, and we’re doing as much as we can with our own money and time, but there are no shortcuts to producing the beautiful game we want to create.

Stretch Goals

If we manage to exceed our target then any further funding will go straight into making the game even more fabulous.

We will spend every available penny on cramming as much beauty and enjoyment into the game as possible, but there are also some specific goals we’d like to achieve as well:

====> 250K - MORE CONTENT - We will extend the game experience by adding in more locations, characters and puzzles giving you a more engrossing in-depth adventure.

====> 300K - MORE PLATFORMS - It has always been our dream to see this game on tablet, and we have kept that in mind right from the beginning with a touch-screen friendly design. This level of investment will enable us to create an iPad and Android version too. ** We will also do a Linux version **

====> 350K - MORE MUSIC - We know Richard Jacques will do an amazing soundtrack for us, after all he’s won more awards than he can fit on his mantelpiece. If we raise this amount of money, we can afford to hire a real orchestra and bring his score to life!

Anything over that and we’ll invest in extra content such as new levels, more cut-scene footage, making the game longer and more in-depth. There is so much we’d like to do! We'll work with our supporters to finalise what we spend the extra budget on.

We showed the game to the usual publishers and, even though they all loved the concept, they weren't able to provide funding for this type of game.

It just doesn't tick the convenient boxes, or incorporate the latest buzzwords - it’s not freemium, it’s not social, and it’s not a cheap mobile puzzle game or a multi-million pound first person shooter. The Realm is a good old fashioned adventure game, made with love and care by dedicated artists and creators.

We sincerely believe that you will want to play this type of game too - something unique, innovative and engrossing. With your support we can prove that there is a market for this and bring this exciting project to life!



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