THX Announce Tune-up APP for iOS.

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Great tip from Jedi News

THX have announced a audio/visual tune up app for IOS.

THX tune-up features custom video test patterns, carefully selected photos and tutorials to help you adjust and confirm the best picture settings on your display based on your room lighting. Using special test sounds, THX tune-up also lets you check your external speakers to make sure they are working in phase and are connected properly for 2-channel stereo or 5.1 surround sound systems.

THX tune-up is completely interactive and you will be able to go through it at your own pace and in any order. Use your iPad 2 (or later) or iPhone 4 (or later) to connect to your display or sound system with an Apple™ Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable or through a wireless Apple TV.

Now there's no excuse to get your audio perfect and be sitting at the right distance from your TV.   But the best feature of this app is the MOO CAN.  You can turn your phone and it moos just like in the THX logo with the cow.  Video below.

The app features

Video Adjustments
Aspect ratio – ensure your TV displays shapes and sizes correctly
Brightness – make certain shadow details and night scenes are clearly visible
Contrast – confirm white detail is distinct on your television
Color – make sure colors are bright and vibrant but not cartoonish
Tint – check skin tones look natural and are not too green or red
THX tune-up uses your iPad or iPhone camera to set color and tint with a special built in color filter. Just point your device camera at the TV screen and see if your color or tint is adjusted correctly.

Audio Adjustments
Speaker assignment – ensure speakers are connected to the correct AVR output and intended sound is coming from the correct speaker
Speaker phase – confirm that positive and negative speaker wires are connected correctly and all speakers are in phase

Turn “moo can” on and tilt the iPhone or iPad to hear your device “moo”
Play extraordinary THX trailers (just like the ones in THX Certified cinemas) to show off your newly tuned TV and sound system to friends and family
Show off your audio system with the push of a button by playing “THX Deep Note” in 5.1 surround sound, just like in the theater
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