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Do we want or need Ghostbusters 3?

Ghostbusters 3
Ghostbusters 3
Reportedly, in Dan Aykroyd's original vision of Ghostbusters, he envisaged an America full of Ghostbuster units, as common as pest controllers, with the narrative focusing on one team.  So grand this image that Ivan Reitman believed the costs would be too high with an estimated budget of $300 million, so we have the film we all know and love today.  It would be hard to imagine the film being as successful had it been made as first planned.  With all that said, Ghostbusters certainly wasn't short of special effects, and its that which makes it so rare in comedy.  You would be hard pressed to think of another movie so funny which also offers the full Holywood blockbuster treatment, Back to the Future perhaps?  It is possibly this mix which has resulted in it being such a universally watched and loved movie.

Given how adored it was (and still is), its sequel was undoubtedly going to be under close scrutiny.  Not only did the fans have high expectations, it had to compete with the originality and hilarity of the first.  Was it any surprise then that Ghostbusters 2 was so poorly received?  It didn't have the same grandeur to its story and lacked level of humour the first offered.   A possessed painting called Vigo with his mood ooze versus the Demi God, Gozer the Gozeraian and The Stay Puft marshmallow man!  No contest!

However, while Ghostbusters 2 came in for a critical bashing, with hindsight perhaps we were all being a little too harsh.  It still had the wonderful characters and dialogue along with some classically funny scenes.  Ghostbusters 2 is an enjoyable film, it's just not as a good as the first and as a result was perhaps unfairly judged.  Which leads to the next question, should they be making a third?

Another Ghostbusters has been rumoured for many years, however in recent times the news coming out indicates it will happen.  However, we are not talking about a franchise reboot here in the same vein as Abrams Star Trek, if reports are true Ghostbusters 3 will be very much a sequel.  Dangerous territory after so much time perhaps?  Dan Aykroyd hasn't given much information on the story, only that it will likely involve handing the reigns to a younger generation of Ghostbusters, with most of the original cast returning in some form. Bill Murray however still won't commit either way and many fans view his involvement as a critical success factor. 

Another Ghostbusters certainly has an abundance of obvious pitfalls to negotiate.  With modern day CGI to play with there is a risk of it being a Michael Bay affair with too much emphasis on CGI and comic book humour.  The new cast will have it's job cut out too, having to contend with inevitable comparisons to the original characters.  Putting the cynical hat on, you also worry that dollar signs have flashed up in the heads of everybody involved.  A Ghostbusters sequel is surely seen as a quick win by studio bosses. 
However, while all this doubt remains Dan Aykroyd has wanted to make this movie for a very long time, if a quick buck was all that was desired then it would have been made by now.  It's going to be a few years before we have our answer, until then we will all remain a somewhat sceptical, lets hope its unfounded.  The bottom line, whatever happens with Ghostbusters 3, it must have the fantastic Ray Parker Jr theme, it's just so good!

Which leads me to the last question, what do you do if someone asks if you're a God??

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