Peter Jackson Admits His Doctor Who Love - Maybe Direct An Episode?

Peter Jackson, famous for directing the movie Bad Taste and the one with the invisible ring has expressed his interest in maybe one day directing an episode of Doctor Who.  When asked by a local New Zealand newspaper Waikato Times, about the BBC hit show Jackson stated, “I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I think Matt [Smith]‘s fantastic. Just name a time and place and I’ll be there!”  Jackson goes on to say Matt Smith, the current Doctor thinks this would be a great idea and recently had this to say about the idea, hoping for a free trip to the other side of the world “I think it would be an absolutely wonderful place to film Doctor Who. Let’s get Peter Jackson to direct one and go and make it in New Zealand. I would love to, I will campaign endlessly to come over and film there.”

The idea isn't that wild as Doctor Who recently started to expand where they shoot.  Recently a few episodes were shot in the US instead of the UK (primarly South Wales.)  Steve Moffat who is currently at the helm for Doctor Who recently worked with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg as one of the writers for Tin-Tin.  So all the dots connect.  Doing a few episodes in New Zealand would fit really well but knowing Jackson the episode would turn into a three parter.  Watch this space.

Rob Wainfur


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