Frank Oz tells Star Wars fans he won't do the voice

Frank Oz, who played Obi-Wan's pint-sized spiritual mentor, Yoda, has told the Los Angeles Times he hates it when fans ask him to talk backwards.
He said his characters are "too sacred for such tripe".
"You wouldn't parade your kids around like that, would you? They're part of me. I won’t use them as a party favour to impress people."
Although Oz doesn't like doing impressions, he is keen to talk about Yoda and his roster of Muppet voices, which includes Animal, Bert and Miss Piggy.
- "With Yoda, it was right away - I picked him up and immediately knew who he was. I have no idea why."
- "I can’t tell you where I got Miss Piggy. She's so incredibly layered. It’s an organic process, I think. Experiences from my own life filtered into my comedic vision. Animal came from mud in my soul."
The most touching part of the interview is when he talks about his friend, Muppet creator Jim Henson, who died more than 20 years ago.
"I learned a huge, huge amount from Jim. I learned how to film from him, how to direct. We were like brothers working with each other.
"My fondest memories are the hundreds and hundreds of Bert and Ernie (scenes) with Jim. Years of joy."