EA boss admits The Old Republic subscription model is 'challenging'

Star Wars: The Old Republic has recently taken a tentative step towards free-to-play, but was hesitant to jump in completely. The company might still finish that journey, though, as comments from EA CEO John Riccitiello imply that the company is still considering its options.

In an interview with CNBC (via The Escapist), Riccitiello says that the "softness" of Star Wars led to its current partial free-to-play model. "Our conclusion was we had a great product in Star Wars, but that the subscription model in the world of free-to-play was challenging," he said.

He went on to note that the free-to-play model has a lot of power, and stresses that it can be a good revenue generator despite the name. He said, "We've begun to work with different models," but stopped short of directly stating any future plans. He also said that the shrinking player base isn't a "pressing concern," so it may still be a while before EA gives up the ghost and goes fully F2P.