Mark Hamill back as The Joker in 'The Last Laugh'

Last year, legendary Star Wars and Batman: The Animated Series actor Mark Hamill announced via his own Twitter account that he was going to retire from the role he made most famous for the latter series, The Joker.

The man who also played Luke Skywalker in George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy mentioned to IGN that he was going to bow out of his signature role as The Clown Prince of Crime after finishing voicework for the well-received and stellar videogame by Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studio Batman: Arkham City.

The game’s ending was fitting enough to warrant Hamill’s departure from the role, but fate had other plans it seems.

According to Gametrailers, DC Universe Online has announced that their latest expansion pack —aptly titled “The Last Laugh”— will feature Mark Hamill’s official return as The Joker, back to cause those playing the game some fun, misery, and chaos.

In addition to Mr. J coming back, fellow actor Adam Baldwin is stepping up as the Man of Steel himself, Superman, and fellow Batman: The Animated Series alumna and Harley Quinn voice actress Arleen Sorkin, who once again joins “her puddin’” in giving heroes more anarchy and trouble than they could ever imagine.