Director of Sound At Skywalker Sound To Talk At Nottingham University

AN OSCAR-WINNING sound designer is visiting the University of Nottingham next week.
Randy Thom will be at the university's recently-founded Institute of Screen Industries Research.
He will take part in a series of events from Monday to Friday, including a lecture and seminars at the university and a public presentation.
Mr Thom is director of Sound at Lucasfilm Ltd's Skywalker Sound facility in Northern California and has a string of blockbuster movies to his name including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter.
Institute director Dr Gianluca Sergi said: "This is a unique opportunity for staff, students and the public to get an inside look at how some of Hollywood's most iconic films are made."
Mr Thom, who won Oscars for his work in The Incredibles (2005) and The Right Stuff (1984), will also meet students from the university's Creative Student Network.