Battlefront III was already finished before cancellation

Speaking in a new interview with GamesIndustry International, Free Radical Design co-founder Steve Ellis revealed that the developer's relationship with LucasArts was so good by 2007 that they already green lit preparatory work for Battlefront IV - a year before the third game was complete.
But problems occurred at the beginning of 2008 when a new management team at LucasArts were forced to make budget cuts, and suddenly relationships soured.
All of this has been guessed at before but what's shocking is just how close the game was to completion. 'It was pretty much done, it was in final QA. It had been in final QA for half of 2008 it was just being fixed for release,' says Ellis.
'LucasArts' opinion is that when you launch a game you have to spend big on the marketing and they're right. But at that time they were, for whatever reason, unable to commit to spending big. They effectively canned a game that was finished,' he said.
The latest rumours indicate it's being started again from scratch by Spark Unlimited - the team behind critical disasters Turning Point, Legendary and the forthcoming Lost Planet 3. It's suggested LucasArts may be planning a reveal at E3 in June.

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