Star Wars: Old Republic's next update 'much bigger'

Content already planned through to 2013.

BioWare's plans for its next major content patch in Star Wars: The Old Republic are much bigger than what we'll see from Game Update 1 which launches today.
In an interview with CVG, game director James Ohlen stated the studio has bigger plans scheduled for future patches, and has a larger team focusing on the next update.
"Game Update 2 is much bigger in scope [than Game Update 1]," he explained.
"It's further out from launch, so we can have much more of the team focussed on it. There's Part 2 of Rise of the Rakghouls, a brand new planet called Denova which has an 8-16 man Operation and a new Warzone. So that's three big pieces of content."
While BioWare is currently working on implementing the Legacy system for managing alt characters, as well as new PvP gameplay and features for guilds, Ohlen also brought up the topic of a new Space-based slant to the game.
"We might also be able to get some new space game missions into it. In addition to that we have single player content that you’ll be able to go through as well."
The team already has content planned through to next year, he goes on to say:
"We have people working on content that won't be showing up in the game until 2013. We have writers already finishing off content for that, so I can already play through stuff from 2013 content – just not with voiceovers. We're planning really far ahead, and we have to do that because our content is more complex than your typical MMO content. It requires voiceovers, cinematics and all that."
The first content update for Star Wars: The Old Republic releases today, and features higher level group content, balancing and bug features, a new Flashpoint and Operation, level 50 bracketing for PvP WarZones, anti-aliasing, and changes to Open World PvP on Ilum.
Also on the cards is a possible future on the Mac platform, according to a recent statement by BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk, however no official word has been made as to when this might happen.