Carrie Fisher Responds to William Shatner Comments that Star Trek is Better than Star Wars posted a video of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher in which she fires back at William Shatner who said that "Star Trek is better than Star Wars". Here is a trasncript, courtesy of

“They’re not in the same league. Fisher said. “I mean they have the word ‘Star’ in the title and there’s a space travel, right? Where did they go to Klingon?” she asked.
“Maybe it’s just their effects. They’re not called special effects.”
“I heard that [Dick] Cheney likes Star Trek.”
“My space buns were so much better than Nimoy’s ears” she said.
“George [Lucas] allowed Bill one day to be in the Darth Vader costume and do the breathing and everything. I’ve never seen anyone so excited. He couldn’t do it.”
Fisher closed by saying “If you see Bill Shatner, call him Han Solo.”