'Star Wars' Mark Hamill Celebrates 60th Birthday

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday. That's right, Luke Skywalker is now six decades old, and it is hard for some fans to believe. The actor was not well-known before George Lucas's series of films launched him to stardom.
Since starring in Star Wars, Mark Hamill has gone on to have many other career successes. Did you know that he was supposed to be in TV's Eight is Enough, but got released from the contract to appear as Luke Skywalker instead? Since his big screen stardom, he has lent his voice to cartoons like Batman and The Simpsons.
Unfortunately for the birthday boy, he was in a car accident in 1977 after the Star Wars filming was complete, and he has significant facial scarring. While that must have been hard, it hasn't kept him from working or from having a successful personal life. He has been married since 1978, and he has three children. Overall, it has been a great life for Mark Hamill.
Happy birthday to the man who will always be remembered for playing the iconic Luke Skywalker. It has been an amazing six decades.

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