Goonies 2: The Prequel?

It has been suggested that the much talked about and highly anticipated sequel to the hit 1985 The Goonies could finally be getting made after all. However, the original idea for the sequel has now changed and it looks like they could be looking to make a prequel instead.
The original idea for The Goonies 2, was to have the original characters kids embarking on an adventure of their own. However, it has been so long since that idea was brought up, that it now seems slightly unbelievable as a storyline, so they have opted to take the prequel route.
The Goonies 2 is set to follow the journey of a young Chester Copperpot as he grows up surrounded by the legend of One Eyed Willy, before heading off in search of the pirates missing treasure. Sean Astin is set to narrate the movie to keep the original The Goonies feel there. It has even been claimed that some of the original cast could appear in cameo roles.
The script is only just being developed for The Goonies 2, so do not expect it to hit the big screen anytime before 2015 and it could even take longer than that to complete production. The good news is that The Goonies 2 is back on the radar.