Disneyland's Star Tours Commercial and Still Image Released

Disneyland's relaunch of Star Tours is now just days away (the ride officially opens to the public next Friday, June 3), but George Lucas himself was at Disney World's Hollywood Studios last week for the ride's ribbon-cutting ceremony in Florida.

Will Lucas be around for the Disneyland relaunch next week? The official verdict is still out, but some sources speculate that it would only make sense to have George around for both openings.

Since its soft open a couple weeks ago (as well as the hard open in Florida last week), more details about the ride have begun to make their way around the Internet including an official Star Wars/Disneyland-approved image still, and a new 30-second spot.

Check out both after the jump.

The new film still shows what appears to be a pissed-off Darth Vader flanked by some just-as-angry Stormtroopers aiming their weapons.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

I'm not sure what audio will go along with this particular scene, but a part of me really hopes it will go something like this:

Darth Vader: Dudes, if you don't turn that ship around I'm gonna throw my magical choke-y powers upon you.

Stormtroopers: ...

And then they all fire on us and the ship blows up, but we can't hear it because there is no sound in space. The end.

Of course, having a ride where passengers die would be a first for Disneyland, so I'm not holding my breath.

Oh, also check out those sweet TIE Fighters in the background. I had that toy when I was a kid and I always liked making the wings pop off mid-flight and then having it pretend crash to the ground. Unfortunately, as an adult I've become horribly scared of flying, so playing out that scenario now doesn't seem nearly as funny as it once did.

Disneyland also released this official 30-second commercial, titled "Piece of Cake," to get fanboys and fangirls (yes, they do exist) fired up for next week's relaunch.

From http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2011/05/disneylands_star_tours_commercial.php