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Toy Fair 2011: Hasbro's Revenge of the Jedi Figures + SDCC Exclusive

Back in the early 80’s, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi had a very different moniker. Yep, right up until its initial release, Episode 6 was better known as “Revenge of the Jedi”. Why change the title? Oh right, that whole thing with Jedi being peace-loving, non-revenge-getting hippies! What’s the use of having a stinkin’ lightsaber if you can’t use it to reap tons and tons of hardcore revenge?! Oh well, everyone can’t be as enlightened as us in such matters. Hasbro has decided it’s high time “Revenge” is celebrated with some cool new action figure releases!
At Hasbro’s Collector-Fan Media Day, it was unveiled that there will be 12 new Vintage figures released on the Revenge of the Jedi cardback. Not only that, but they’re going to be chase figures randomly packed in case assortments. We were told that the Revenge figures wouldn’t be quite as hard to find as the Treasure Hunt versions of old; but, we don’t foresee finding all 12 out in the wilds of the local toy aisles to be an easy accomplishment. The 12 figures are: Jedi Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Endor Han Solo, R2-D2, Darth Vader, B-Wing Pilot, Admiral Akbar, Boba Fett, Endor Rebel Trooper, Wicket, Slave Leia, & a Tie Fighter Pilot.

Then, fans were thrown a curveball when a special set of all 12 Revenge of the Jedi figures would be able to be purchased at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con! The face-meltingly spectacular set is housed in a case that when closed has the shape and image of the unfinished Death Star that Lando so gracefully destroyed in ROTJ. As an added bonus, 2 mini-figures have been added to their own cards for the first time and will only be available in this set, bringing the total number of Star Wars figures to 14! Yep, the scuttling Mouse Droid and the riotous Salacious Crumb are placed dead center on each opposing side of the clamshell packaging for the set! As you can see, the figures aren’t quite ready, so random toys have been tossed in their blister packs in the Death Star packaging.
With this scarceness for this set, coupled with the nerd-rage that is sure to follow once it’s sold out, Revenge might not be too far off the mark. Be sure to scour the pegs later this year to find you Revenge of the Jedi chase figures, and to check out this undeniably wonderful SDCC-Exclusive box set as well. We know that we sure will be!
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