Chewie is back in The Clone Wars!

Chewbacca-in-The-Clone-Wars-02Chewbacca as he appears in The Clone Wars
Wookie-doo! Chewbacca is back on screen in the season three finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars - and we've got a first-look clip!

In the final two episodes, Padawan Lost and Wookie Hunt, Chewie will be joining forces with Ahsoka Tano in a storyline that sees our heroes do battle with a group of evil Trandoshans, the reptilian species of regular villain Bossk.

In order to bring Chewbacca back to the screen in style, the Clone Wars team invited original actor Peter Mayhew to Skywalker Ranch to advise on creating an animated version of the beloved character.

“Dave Filoni [Supervising Director] said my participation in creating Chewie for the series was essential,” says the 7'3'' Mayhew. “He told his artists to study the way I walk, my mannerisms and demeanor. He said, ‘To understand Chewie, you need to understand Peter.’ We also went into the Lucasfilm archives and studied some of the original Chewie costumes to make sure the details were carried over into the animation.”

Chewbacca-in-The-Clone-Wars-03Making Wookie - Dave Filoni and Peter Mayhew redesign a legend.“Bringing Chewie to The Clone Wars is very special for us, and it wouldn’t be right without Peter’s involvement and blessing,” says Filoni. “Peter and Chewie are one and the same; he brings so much of himself to the character and it was important for us to capture that.”

While Mayhew was only called upon to wear the Chewbacca costume in the Star Wars films, for his appearance in The Clone Wars the actor has helped create the character's distinctive growl.

“The Chewbacca sounds were sourced from the same bank as the original films, but Dave Filoni and Matt Wood [Supervising Sound Editor] thought it would be nice to get a small sample of my voice mixed in,” says Mayhew. “After so many years of being asked to do the growl for fans, I’ve found that I’m actually quite good at it. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the series. The animation is amazing, and they really captured the essence of Chewie. As soon as I saw it I said ‘that’s it. He’s there. That’s Chewbacca.’”

Having played Chewbacca in the three original Star Wars films, as well as prequel Revenge of the Sith, Mayhew was just the man for the job and the full results can be seen when the episodes hit Sky Movies Premiere/HD on March 19 and 26.

Until then check out the clip of Chewie's Clone Wars debut below!