Abrams wants to keep Super 8 secret #super8

JJ Abrams has opened up about his secret project 'Super 8', which will be produced by Steven Spielberg.
 Abrams - Talks about secrecy surrounding Super 8
Abrams spoke to New York Magazine about the film and revealed that the next trailer can be expected in the near future: "Probably March."
The director went on to address the secrecy surrounding the project, which is due for release in Irish cinemas on 19 August.
Referring to the secrecy surrounding the film, he said: "The strategy isn't some coy...thing. All we're trying to do is save something for the experience of seeing a movie.
"I don't know about you, but I feel like I get so over informed that by the time a movie's released, I don't care. I've seen it."