THX 3D certification honoured

THX, the system developed initially at George Lucas’ LucasFilm, has been acknowledged for its contribution to the advancement of 3D technology.

The International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award was given to THX, acknowledging its work in testing thoroughly the quality of 3DTVs.

THX’s system uses over 400 tests to measure the quality of 3D hardware, and with the technology still in its infancy, such work will no doubt lead to the progression of hardware, and better products for the consumer market. Rick Dean of THX spoke about the unique nature of the project; “THX has introduced the world’s first and only 3D performance benchmark.”

3DTVWatcher believes this benchmark will prove an important one in the shaping of the 3D market, and the work of THX is being rightly rewarded.

The winner of the award, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, is determined by a panel of journalists, designers and engineers. Dean continued: “The complexity of 3D technology poses a real challenge for display manufacturers to achieve consistent picture quality.

THX 3D Certified Displays must be capable of delivering accurate colour and clean signal processing when presenting 3D content, as well as provide consumers a simple one-button solution for getting great 2D and 3D experiences right out of the box.”

Rest assured then that any 3D TV with the THX certification is a cracker, and worthy of gracing your living room.

With such dedicated research and innovation driving the technology forward, the concerns over 3D content cannot extend to 3D technology; because all manufacturers will want their products to carry the THX certification.

Provided that consumers are diligent about their purchases, the certification will prove invaluable in consumer decision making, and this has been acknowledged by Consumer Electronics Association