Star Wars: The Old Republic Is the Right Bet for BioWare

One of the co founders of developer BioWare has said that Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is rumored to have already cost more than 100 million dollars up until now, is the right “bet” for both publisher Electronic Arts and for the team working directly on the game.

Ray Muzyka, who is the Chief Executive Officer at BioWare, told Eurogamer that investing in the game is “really a smart decision. It’s a pretty good bet for a studio group like BioWare to be building right now. We see it as more opportunity than anything else.”

He added, “The team is a group I’m really proud of. They’re working really hard to deliver this great game. It’s got a lot of content. It’s taking the best of features from other products like MMOs and putting them together with something BioWare’s known for: the story, choice and consequence, but not losing anything in the translation – exploration, combat, customisation, progression.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been shown to the public for quite some time but neither the developer nor the publisher are talking about a clear launch date for the game.

Players will be able to take charge of a character and explore the universe of Star Wars as it was a few thousand years before the events of the movie series, with the Jedi and Sith fighting, both openly and covertly, over the resources of the galaxy.

BioWare is focusing on adding more narrative elements than MMOs usually have to The Old Republic and have confirmed that they are aiming to have fully voiced dialogues for the most important story based scenes.

When Star Wars: The Old Republic launches it will need to compete with the elephant in the subscription based MMO room, the Blizzard made World of Warcraft, which has more than 12 million players at the moment and will probably get a new expansion in the meantime.