Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II DLC Kills Ewoks #Ewoks #Starwars

LucasArts announced a downloadable add-on for Star Wars
: The Force Unleashed II. In the DLC, Starkiller will travel to the forest moon of Endor.

In an interview with IGN, LucasArts executive producer Gio Corsi confirmed that you'll be battling the cute and cuddly Ewoks. Like the Hoth DLC from the first Force Unleashed game, the Endor mission takes place in the alternate "Infinities" storyline. In that storyline, Starkiller becomes Palpatine's apprentice and goes around killing all the goody-two-shoes. Presumably he's heading to Endor to prevent the pesky Rebel Alliance from destroying the second Death Star.

The Endor DLC will be released later this year. With regards to price, LucasArts said this through the game's official Facebook page: "As a thank you to the fans who stuck with us, the DLC will only be a buck on both PSN and XBLA."